The General Assembly

The General Assembly is a gathering of people committed to making decision based upon a collective agreement or “consensus.”
There is no single leader or governing body of the General Assembly – everyone’s voice┬áis equal. Anyone is free to propose an idea or express an opinion as part of the General Assembly.
Each proposal follows the same basic format – an individual shares what is being proposed, why it is being proposed, and, if there is enough agreement, how it can be carried out.
The assembly will express its opinion for each proposal through a series of hand gestures. If there is positive consensus for a proposal – meaning no outright opposition – then it is accepted and direct action begins.
If there is not consensus, the responsible group or individual is asked to revise the proposal and submit again at the following General Assembly until a majority consensus is achieved.

Duluth General Assembly Schedule:
Tuesdays: 6pm @ the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial (2nd Ave East and First Street).
Saturdays: 6pm @ the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial (2nd Ave East and First Street).

Assemblies are not held in inclimate weather unless an indoor location is chosen for an executive session. Assemblies may be cancelled without notice when actions or events intervene.

Minutes from the Assemblies will be posted when available. Usually they will be posted by the next day.