Notes of General Assembly at Paul Robeson Ballroom on Saturday 10 February 2012

201202111400 Occupy General Assembly, Paul Robeson Ballroom
Agenda: Save Our Homes foreclosure report.
Ruckus Review
Make Out Not War
Movie Night….totally free space
PBR Open 12-4
Fair Share
Members present: Richard, Scott, Kathy, Tyler, female friend who came with Reese, Reese, Blake, Justin, Ron, Dianne, Matt, Mike

Reese has been attending Save Our Homes meetings, and commented that their meetings are moving very smoothly. Our own meetings seem more casual and less decisive by comparison. Kathy commented that the Save Our Homes meetings are composed of older members who have been in the movement a long time, while Occupy Ballroom is more youthful, but less experienced.

Tyler reported on the Thursday St. Paul Capitol Ruckus action. A large group of demonstrators stood silently as legislators arrived for a session at the capitol. The demonstrators wore replicas of US $100.00 notes taped over their mouths, in protest of the way big money (in the form of “free speech” for corporate personhood) is now allowed to gag the voices of ordinary people by drowning them out in big campaign contributions.

Jesse said the puppet project is developing nicely, but needs more hands. Sunday there will be puppet forming activity at the Arts Coop at 1:00 pm. Call Jesse or Richard if you can volunteer.

The Really Really Free Market is only 2 weeks away, and flyers are ready to go out for posting. Several people took posters, with the idea that they will have them reproduced and distribute them to public bulletin boards. Kathy commented that if we are going to have warming fires in the courtyard, we will need donations of firewood.

Tyler commented that he is showing the movie, Inside Job, at the ballroom tonight. He asked for help setting up for a large group of people. Tyler suggested that Thursday nights be free movie night at the ballroom .Scott suggested a future showing of “I am,” a movie which presents interviews with many well-known activists, including for example Howard Zinn, the author of several excellent books on the real history of the people, not just a narration of leaders and their wars. Dianne suggested showing “Margin Call,” a video about inside workings at Wall Street. She also suggested posting a list for people who have ideas for other films to screen.
Reese volunteered to keep the Ballroom open for funny business every day, seven days a week, from noon to 4pm. He hopes other members will be able to extend those hours. He commented on our need to re-establish utilities. We have space heaters but need to get the steam company to supply heat. We have a connection to electricity but it is only one line and we seriously worry about overloading it. We also need water, which at this time is carried to the ballroom in buckets and jugs. Reese suggested setting up a steam fund for next year’s heating season, allocating perhaps 3% of incoming donations to a fund dedicated to that purpose. Meanwhile some generous members have picked up the tab for the porta-potty, the cellphone, and fuel for the heaters. Reese pointed out that we have been relying on these members, but the burden of payment needs to be shared among our members and our community. In other words, we need to secure additional sources of income.

Reese said he would use the open hours at the Ballroom for cleanup and preparation for the Really Really Free Market, which is now less than two weeks away. Reese said we should also be planning actions in support of Henry Bank’s project to change the zoning ordinance which currently makes it impossible for store owners of small shops downtown to live in the second floor space above their stores. The zoning fight is now about two months away.

The representative who was planned to speak to us about Fair Share did not show up. Tyler filled us in on what Fair Share is and does.

Tyler also read to us from a statement made last November by the Oakland Police Union, asking that Occupy members stand in solidarity with the police department. Since November, there have been violent encounters between Oakland police officers and Occupy protesters. These violent encounters may have been provoked, in part, by Black Block members, a violent anarchist group which has engaged in rock and bottle throwing and destruction of property in close proximity to peaceful Occupy actions. There is speculation that Black Block could be a false flag operation, designed to press peaceful Occupy members into violent encounters with the police. Whatever the Black Block intent, they have given the enemy plenty of opportunities to paint Occupy ugly in the media.

Next GA meeting will be Tuesday 14 February, 7 pm here at the Paul Robeson Ballroom, after the Make Out Not War action, which begins at the Civic Center (in front of City Hall and the Federal and County Courts buildings) at 4:30 pm and will frolic-march to Power Plaza.

The meeting adjourned informally as there were no more topics under discussion.

Occupy Duluth GA Saturday February 7th 2012, Paul Robson Ballroom

201202081010 315 GA Tuesday February 7th 2012 Paul Robeson Ballroom
Present: Nadia, Kathy (Scribe), DJ, Mike, Reese, Jesse, Richard (notes), Matt.
Due to the small and familiar size of the group, we decided to suspend the usual rules of concensus, and proceed with today’s business conversationally.
Thursday trip to St. Paul plan report
Really Really Free Market report
Valentines Make-Out event report
Puppets working group report
Occupy The Hood Solidarity action proposal
Ballroom working group needs and fundraiser
Jesse reprted that the trip to St. Paul would commence with a training and tactics review session at the Labor Temple at 7:30 am. Two passenger vans and two cars will be leaving at 8:00 am, Scott and Allen driving the vans. For more information contact Allen. This action is in support of the SCSIU protest against legislation which would impose Voter ID requirements.
Reese reported on publicity for the RRFM on perfectduluthday and Craigslist. Jesse said an event invitation has been sent to about a thousand Occupy supporters and allies. Flyers are being prepared to poster and leaflet the neighborhood Reese said he will make a sign announcing the event, to be posted on the courtyard wall. Kathy asked about firewood for the campfires, and was reassured that it would be provided. Reese and Jesse agreed it should go on the needs list. Reese suggested people who are still not sure what a Really Really Free Market action is about. He suggested looking it up on Wikipedia, which has a really good article. Events are held world-wide on the last Saturday of every month. Bring good useful items you no longer need or want, choose what you need or want among the items other people bring, and no dumping. If you bring something and no one wants it, take it with you when you leave.
Jesse reported that Make Out Not War actions with puppets and props and street theatre will be playing in traffic at or near the civic center and on the road to the Plaza on the 14th from 4:30 to 6 pm. A fire pit will be provided for comforting cold demonstrators. Allen has agreed to arrange two playful speakers to address the maddening crowds at the plaza. Jesse is hoping someone will provide hot beverages and soup whatnot to comfort the hungry and thirsty demonstrators, who can be expected to need to recover from the frenzied parade activities. Flyers are being prepared.
The meeting was then interrupted by someone pounding on the door, someone evidently ignorant of the secret codes. Jesse went to see who it was. Fortunately it was not the police or homeland security, but a supporter delivering a gift of old newspapers. This person was greeted warmly and thanked enthusiastically, and the newspaper will be mache’d into puppet flesh by the puppet working group.
Nadia suggested a possible opportunity for action in support of the Occupy The Hood protests being planned for late February by Occupy Minneapolis. The plan is for a spoken word and music event at a café or bar, with outreach to communities of color. Watch this space for further details TBA.
Matt suggested we look into the possibility of showing movies at Leaf Ericson park, or alternately, on the wall of our building, to be viewed from the parking lot.
The conversation then turned to Ballroom needs and fundraising. Reese said we need to maintain open hours so people can always find us. He said he can be available between the hours of 12 and 4 pm. He also described a website named Kickstarter which acts as a host for fundraisers. Other sites are also available for the same purpose. There are also alternatives to the Assange treacherous Paypal, something named like “Payme” or “Mypay” or “Billme”, look it up yourself, I’m not your google slave. Some discussion of handling funds ensued. This discussion reflected the usual Occupy disdain for the capitalist economic system, except we still need some stuff…….like heat, light, and water hookups for the Ballroom, money for the camp phone bill, money for the Portapotty, and further projects such as a composting toilet. Reese suggested looking for cheaper telephone service. Several plans were discussed. Matt suggested a signup sheet on the door, where members can volunteer to open the ballroom for funny business. Reese said he can open the ballroom between 12 and 4 a couple days a week. Other members mumbled about their disposable personal discretion hours, and in usual Occupy fashion, it was consensed not to be too controlling in trying to define and then fill every slot, but to let it happen as people volunteer for hours, then try to cover the empty spaces.
Meeting adjourned at about 7:30 pm, but discussions continued as members broke up and reassembled in ad hoc committees for smoke and joke in the courtyard.
Next meeting: Wednesday 12-4 for the puppet working group, contact Richard at 830 0109. Thursday 7:30 am at the Labor Temple for the trip to St.Paul, contact Allen. Next GA is Saturday at 2:00 pm at the Paul Robeson Ballroom.

Occupy Duluth GA Saturday 4 February

201202041415 Saturday 4 February 2012, 2:15 pm Paul Robeson Ballroom  Occupy Duluth general assembly notes

Present: Margie, Tyler, Jesse, Justin, Blake, Jenn, Ellie, Reese, Scott, Ron, Adam, Matt, John, Kathy, Richard.

Agenda: USAgain, Screenprint, RRF Market, Critical Mass, ACTA Feb 11, Banner, Foreclosure Group Report, MOMDAD working group, Valentine’s Day.

Facilitator, Jesse.  Stack, Justin.  Time, Blake.  Notes, Richard.  Scribe: Kathy.

Reese spoke about the presence of green donation boxes around town, and the profit USAgain is making from them….not a non-profit, but resells clothes in Africa.  Proposes action, cautions about aggressive lawsuits against protesters by USAgain.

Reese volunteered to build a screen press to make t-shirts for the Respect Mother Earth Day celebrations.  A local business person has offered to pay expenses, may also make donation to help Ballroom repair utilities.  Homegrown Music Festival may also want us to make t-shirts.  Other groups may follow suit.  Could be a source of income for the building maintenance (M.O.M.D.A.D) working group.

Jesse commented that these proposals may best be treated as autonomous actions.  Temp check was warm for not blocking either action idea.

Reese spoke about the February 25th Really Really Free Market.  People suggested places to put flyers.  Kathy said it would be nice if we had flyers to put.  She asked talented members to make a design or slogun for flyers before leaving the Ballroom.  Adam commented that we can have flyers posted all over UMD campus, one freebie allowed each semester for non-profits.  Tyler volunteered to head up the security team for the market.  He asked potential peacemakers to meet after the GA. 

Jenn asked what other volunteer positions are needed.  She mentioned the need to have food at the Market.  Also someone to insure no one dumps junk on us.  Jesse said we need trucks to haul away the inevitable trash.  Jenn suggested donors be assigned a space which can be tagged to them, and which they will be expected to clean up before leaving.  Tyler suggested two or three yellow band members to hang around and watch for trash.  Jenn said she can head up the potluck, and Kathy said she would make soup.  Jenn suggested a yellow band be stationed at the entrance to explain the trash policy and assign spots.  Have people sign up, fill out application, name and address.  Kathy suggested the Ballroom could donate some of the blankets that came from M.O.M.D.A.D camp.  Jesse said the Ballroom could donate stuff that we have cluttering up our space.  We have new furniture donations and could get rid of some of the old stuff.  Reese said whatever, we need to promote the event NOW.  Jesse said we can talk about it more at the next meeting.

Jesse discussed the Critical Mass event.  He would like to have a potluck at the Ballroom, and a band bash at the retro after the action.  Scott noted that the day of the critical mass is also the day MN ASAP, which has events planned for 7pm.  Jenn said the Critical Mass event is planned to start at five.  Tyler asked if we could send a group representative from the Ballroom, and Scott said we could, but the event is fully scheduled and there will be no floor time available.

Reese suggested the Critical Mass action and the Really Really Free Market both be advertised on the same poster.  Reese said Andrew from the Bike Collective is in support of the Critical Mass event.  Someone suggested contacting the Tall Bikes Clan, Loaves and Fishes, and other coalition groups.  Jenn suggested bike shops.

Reese spoke of ACTA, which is a European version of Sopa and Fifa, which were meant to place controls on the web.  Sopa and Fifa were rejected in the US.  Reese suggested planning a day of action to support our European cohorts day of action on the 11th of February.

Kathy reported that the Banner working group needs consensus on what message the banner will display.   Last meeting some people said we should avoid using Occupy in the main title, but can still have links to websites.  Jesse said the concern is that Occupy could be painted ugly in the media, and we need to be wary of stereotyping.  Scott suggested “Peoples General Assembly”.  Kathy said it could be insulting to some people if we put our banner over the Paul Robeson Ballroom sign.  Tyler said we need to remember Paul. Justin suggested a mural featuring Paul’s profile.

Adam reported to the GA for the Foreclosure Working Group.  There is a core group of about ten, and they have been feeling swamped by all the media publicity.  Plans made before the bank caved have to be reevaluated.  The Wednesday event was more of a victory celebration than teach-in.  The attendees were a cross section of the public, with church members and union members rubbing shoulders with activists.  The working group will meet again on Thursday at 6pm, location to be determined, look on the for the location.  Adam said the Forclosure W.G. now has a telephone, number is also posted on the website.  About two dozen attendees signed up to help out.  One or two people who are being forclosed also asked to be considered as projects. 

Scott described a tactic to occupy bank lobbies by overwhelming them with deposits and withdrawals.

Adam went on to say that the forclosure group is now sending people with forclosure problems to Lutheran Social Services, but that organization is not proactive, and they only send a request to the bank for reconsideration.  When that doesn’t accomplish anything, Occupy will pick up with actions.  However it looks like direct actions may not be needed since attorney Peter Greenlee has been filing bankruptcy claims for people losing their houses, pro-bono, which means the service is at no expense to the client.  Jesse said we need to address the concept of foreclosure itself.  Housing is a human right and no one should ever have to face eviction. Tyler said the housing market should be abolished.  Anyone who agrees is invited to contact Tyler.  Jesse pointed out that the working group is doing a fantastic job, and no actions under consideration are meant in any way to challenge or criticize the working group.

Jesse talked about the M.O.M.D.A.D. working group, which needs to set up a meeting to discuss allocation of space and time resources in the Ballroom.  Justin said he would be willing to open the Ballroom on Thursday and Fridays.  Jesse said he would open the Ballroom on Sunday at noon.  Jesse suggested a signup sheet for hours that members can cover.  Tyler said he would be able to open the Ballroom from 9am to Noon on weekdays. 

Jesse also spoke about a Valentine’s day action, with props, and would involve meeting at civic center and march to the Plaza.  Jesse suggested the slogan “Have a heart, don’t go to Wells Fargo, move your money.”   He said we can make a lot of Valentine days cards with messages to distribute, and have a chant and march parade.  The action is planned for Civic Center to Plaza, 4:30 to 6:00 pm.

Jenn said the cool people are now using twitter, since facebook is vulnerable to hackers.  She suggested we change over, but there were questions from the less-than-tech-savvy. 

The meeting adjourned to the happy happy sunshine in the courtyard at 3:52 pm.

GA Minutes, Jan. 31st 2012

20120201 Occupy GA minutes from Tuesday January 31st 2012 6pm
Present: Jesse, Kathy, Cynthia, Reese, Matt, Lara, Mike N., John, Richard. Bill and Philloneous joined late.
Agenda: Really Really Free Market February 25th
Skywalk access
Banner working group report
Bike Collective and critical mass
Puppets Street Theatre working group report
Respect Mother Earth announcement
Electricity for M.O.M. D.A.D.
Trip to St.Paul on the 9th of February
Reese spoke to us on Really Really Free Market plan for February 25th, from 11:00am to 4:00pm. The idea is that people gather to participate in a gift economy event, like a flea market only without the cash. People bring good things they are willing to donate, and then can select from the things other people brought.
Matt brought up the fact that Skywalk maintenance men have been harassing and escorting poor-looking people to the door. Since the skywalk is built with city funding and permits, all citizens should have equal access. Matt said he found out that the Duluth Downtown Waterfront District is the management agency for the skywalk system. Someone commented that even customers of Pizza Luce have had trouble with low level skywalk employees keeping them from using the restrooms. Kathy said we need to find out what actual written policy is on access, and also contact relevant City employees who may have some control over Janitors who ursurp powers normally reserved to trained and certified Police Officers. The matter was then tabled until further information can be collected, and it was placed on next meeting agenda.
Kathy reported for the banner working group. Justin Anderson is designing the layout and hopes to have some samples ready by Saturday’s GA. Matt commented that if we are going to have website information on the banner, we should make sure it is a website which we can fully control. To do this we need to have our own domain name. Lara said we should all think of phrases we would like to have on a banner and bring suggestions to GA on Saturday. She asked suggestions keep in mind we will want the banner to still represent our group for a good long time.
Jesse said a critical mass bike ride is being planned for every last Friday of the month.
Lara said we should aim to have puppet street theatre actions every week. Richard, John, Jesse, Lara and Kathy said they will have a working group meeting on Thursday February 2nd at 5pm.
Cynthia reported that there is a planning meeting for the Respect Mother Earth day event. The event will be held on July 25th. The immediate goal will be to raise funds, and the Old Man Winter Poetry Slam and fundraising auction will be held on March 16th. For more information, go to the Respect Mother Earth website.
M.O.M. D.A.D. camp II working group discussed utilities for our Occupied building. Richard agreed to call Eric and request a meeting.
Jesse reported for the February 9th Action to protest the Minnesota Voter ID law which is now before the State Legislature. A meeting to plan the action will be held at 6 pm on Monday February 6th.
Lara motioned to adjourn at 8:30. Happy Happy!

Occupy GA minutes, Saturday 28 January 2012

20120127 Momdad Camp II GA minutes 27 January 2012
Agenda: Really really free market
Citizens in Action discussion
Bike Collective
Street Theatre
Public Access to Skywalk
Working Groups
Furniture move

Hand signal review by Tyler. Justin agreed to make an illustration of hand signals for posting on the wall by next Saturday GA.
Reese spoke about the Really Really Free Market idea and about concerns that need to be addressed and tasks that need to be delegated. The event was scheduled and approved for 25 February 2012 from 11 am to 4 pm, to coincide with the national RRFM on the fourth Saturday of the month. Jesse opined that this should become a standard function of Momdad Camp II. He suggests having a week of actions, starting with the first ever Ben Butter Birthday Bike Block on the 24th, a critical mass event, followed by a band bash up in the basement of the Retro Antiques Mall, if it is available. Jesse said he hopes to have the kitchen fully functional by then. Reese gave his ideas for a café counter/ cafeteria style operation.
Richard said the breakout group he attended at the Citizens in Action/ League of Women Voters training session at Copper Top Church was a guide to the process of building up to a social action, from concept to execution. Steve O’Neil presented the format with examples from the ongoing “Save our Homes” movement and from the successful Occupy foreclosure working group action to prevent foreclosure on a Central Hillside residence. Further actions are being planned in Superior.
Tyler, Justin A. and Jesse reported on the Puppet and Street Theatre working group. The puppet action at the courthouse occupation last week was highly successful, and Fun, said Tyler. Jesse said the puppet workshop has been meeting on Wednesday and Thursday from 7 to 9 pm and will continue until Feb. 16 at the West Duluth Institute of Arts. Richard also said he has arranged access to a heated, lighted, large open room with tables, some tools and materials, where we can make our own masks and puppets. Temperature check was warm on having puppet actions every Friday afternoon.
Matt reported that building goons are denying access to the skywalk to persons they feel are undesirable (broke). This is occurring all over the skywalk but especially at the Holiday bus courtyard area and at the so-called Soft Center, areas that were constructed in part at public expense and with considerable cooperation from the city, purportedly in exchange for a permanent public easement to skywalk common areas. Occupy GAs were ordered to leave the skywalk on at least two occasions by these same goons. When refused, the goons contacted city police, who informed the goons that they would not press the force of law on public citizens using a public easement to conduct lawful and orderly business. The goons backed down, after considering that we were about thirty five people, and they only had four goons. Now the goons have started to use their own good judgment in refusing access to the skywalk to “undesirables,” or at least to those who arrive singly on private business. Matt put forward the idea that this situation is ripe for direct action, and was warmly received. Tyler said he would press the city skywalk admins and the downtown council about the actual official policy, if there is any. He will report back Tuesday on his success. The matter was therefore tabled until next GA meeting, Tuesday 6pm at Momdad Camp II.
We then moved on to a discussion of working groups. The Foreclosure working group has been very successful. In past, we have also considered working groups to take care of Momdad Camp II building issues, a facilitation group to work on the structure and process of meetings, a street theatre group to build props and plan guerilla flash theatre events and actions to support other organizations at their protests, demonstrations, and direct actions, a sanitation group to make sure we leave action sites cleaner than we found them, and a kitchen group to provide food and drinks to hungry and thirsty people. Noted that this communal feeding activity has been heavily busted in several public locations across the country. Who knew it could be illegal to offer comfort to those among us who hunger and thirst? Other groups mentioned were the banner group, the scheduling group, and the media group.
Jesse asked that we set a date for the facilitation group meeting, and was given twinkly fingers. The time was set for 6 pm Monday at Momdad Camp II.                                                                                   We agreed to move on to the discussion of Re-Occupy. Tyler has spoken with Matt and Ben from the Minneapolis Occupy, and some dates for a grand-re-occupy even have been suggested. The Ides of March is a target date for actions, and an Occupy Chicago event is being planned for April 8th. A nationwide general strike has been called for May 1st. Later in May, the G8 will be meeting with Nato and actions are being planned to leverage the session. Jay commented that it is never too early to begin planning to go there. Jesse asked the members of the GA to be thinking of and looking for strategies and ideas. Allen commented that there are many vacant properties which could be sites for Occupy in Duluth.
Mike then updated us on his need to find a place to live, and he offered to move in to occupy Momdad Camp II as a permanent resident. Jesse pointed out that it would be great to have Mike around as a night watchman to protect our occupation rights. All agreed. Mike said he has furniture he wants to move to Momdad Camp II and asked for volunteers to help move. Several people offered to help, including one member with a truck.
Allen announced that there is a good calendar of events online at Minnesotans for a Fair Economy website (google it yourself.) February 1st is a Protect Our Homes meeting at Pilgrim Congregational (4th Street and 24th Avenue) at 7:30. Caucuses are on the 7th of February. Allen also told us about an exciting and fun action being planned for the 9th in St. Paul. Allen said it would be a good thing to take the 99% signs door to door, distribute the signs, collect names of people who would support us.

Allen also updated us on the antics of Chip Cravaack, who took his second largest donation of campaign money from Fed Ex, and then after he was elected, he voted on measures to kill the US Post Office, which is of course in competition with Fed Ex. Fed Ex has also been implicated in several notorious tax dodger schemes. Jesse suggested a planning session for Feb. 9th actions, to be held Feb. 6th at 6 pm at Momdad Camp II. Allen also told us about a gathering protest against Walmart for promoting genetically modified corn on their shelves. He shared his vision of an attack led by giant mutated ear-of-corn puppets.
Adam announced an action being planned by the Organizing Apprentice program to be held at Holiday Center during the noon hour on date TBA toward the end of February. Matt informed us of a practical economics class delivered to Chum on how to open accounts and write checks. The class was given by Wells Fargo. The irony is sharp as metastasis.
The next GA will be held at Momdad Camp II Tuesday January 31 at 6pm. Momdad Camp II is located at the Paul Robeson Ballroom, uphill side of 1st Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue East, next to the burned-out but not forgotten grandeur of the old Kozy Bar complex. Entrance is through the rear courtyard.
The meeting adjourned at about 6:00 pm.

GENERAL ASSEMBLY Tuesday January 17th 2012 at 6:00 pm at the new MOMDAD camp.  Directions: go to the corner of 2nd Avenue West and 1st Street N, go up the hill one half block to the alley.  Turn left into the alley and MOMDAD is in the first courtyard on the left.  Look for the tarp tents!  Come on in.  Some heat and hot drinks may be available.

Minutes of General Assembly held on January 10th, 2012, by Richard

Richard Harbaugh

‎201201101800 GA DECC harbor side entrance to skywalk lobby

Minutes, short form (expanded form may follow if I get time)

About thirty members were present. Lara reviewed hand signals and consensus process. Kathy took Stack, Richard took minutes, Jesse and Lara facilitated. Agenda: Foreclosure working group report; Occupy Courtyard; Phase II: banner drop; next GA at new MOMDAD site; update on West Duluth Office site.

Foreclosure: Vern reported that the bank has agreed to push back the January 19th sheriff’s sale at one of the occupy foreclosure locations. Petition to the foreclosing State Farm bank asking it to reconsider has been extended to February. A media forum is to be announced. There will be a Martin Luther King march on Monday 16th January. Occupy will gather at 10:00 am to march from one of the foreclosure sites (7th Ave. & 8th street in central hillside neighborhood) to Washington Center, where it will link up with the King marchers. On Saturday 20th January Move to Amend will rally at the Duluth Federal Courthouse. Planning meeting for this event will take place on Saturday 14th January from 3 to 5 pm at the Friends meeting house, 18th Ave. E. and 1st Street. Friday 29th January at noon there will be a and Minnesotans for a Fair Economy presentation to pressure Obama to move to the left by supporting the attorneys who are now suing the banks. Saturday January 28 from 9 to 3 the Citizens in Action and League of Women Voters will have a teach-in on how to navigate the caucuses and how to work the media. Pre-registration is required and the registration forms have just come off the press. Adam will present a request at the next meeting of the Central Labor Body that the labor body endorse the Save Our Homes action. Vern suggested a five day encampment on the lawn of the foreclosure house.

Jesse said several members have agreed to rebuild MOMDAD camp at the courtyard of the Paul Robeson Ballroom. Paul Robeson Ballroom is an undamaged part of the burned out former Kozy Bar complex, and the courtyard is accessed from the alley behind St. Regis apartments. This phase II action is in solidarity with Occupy groups across the planet, which are taking back foreclosed and condemned buildings and returning them to use, since the current governments have failed to serve the public interests. The Paul Robeson Ballroom courtyard is private property, and the owner is not responsible for our being there, but is expected to be sympathetic to our cause. The occupiers will work to restore the building to code, to clean up the site and the neighborhood, and to address the needs of the people who live in the neighborhood. Thursday at 11:00 occupiers will need help, especially people with trucks and trailers, to haul trashed-out furniture and materials to the recycling center. People who wish to help will need to park on the street next to the Kozy and walk up or down the hill and through the alley to the Paul Robeson Ballroom courtyard.

The next GA will be held at the Paul Robeson Ballroom courtyard on Saturday at 2pm, under the canvas of MOMDAD phase II.

Tyler reported on progress with the Ft. Meyer office space in West Duluth, 24 N. 21st Avenue West, suite C. Melanie Ford’s office is in the same building. Computer and telephone banks are possibilities. There is office furniture and a small kitchen area. A working version of Microsoft Office could be very helpful if anyone can donate one. Also needs an Ethernet jack. Tyler also announced a National Protest of the Guantanamo prison camp, with local action from 2 to 4:30 tomorrow, Wednesday 11 January, at the power plaza. Move to Amend is having an occupy the ports action at 7 pm February 20th.

At this time the meeting was rudely interrupted by four burley employees of the DECC, led by Terry Burke, who informed us we were on private property and we would have to leave. We asserted our right to use the space, as has been agreed with police representatives at past GA skywalk occupations. Burke stated that “we don’t want anyone hanging out in the skywalk” and implied that we were loitering. We informed him that this was a public meeting, which he was interrupting. He threatened to call the police. When we did not move, he retreated with his would-be goons to an employee only area.

The meeting was almost over, and despite Mr. Burke’s protest that our meeting was unsafe and could be trampled at any moment by the thousands of people who could show up to attend a DECC $anctioned activity, we continued to occupy the space unmolested for another half hour, until we were properly agreed (happy, happy hands) and we adjourned at about 8 pm. Small groups stayed another half hour for conversation, but unfortunately no police responded to the emergency of Mr. Burke.

This is a preliminary report and is subject to correction. Dates and times should be verified with the relevant action committees.