G.A. Minutes 2-6-18

G.A. Minutes 2-6-18
It’s another evening meeting at Coney Island. The weather is horribly cold as per usual and the low energy that is a part of Seasonal Affective Disorder is creeping into all of us. Fortunately, we are aware of this yearly phenomena so are attempting to compensate for it.
A few Occupiers and the youngest dude from the Anonymous crew are the first to arrive. As we settle in, someone remarks, “Have you seen the photos of the riot that took place in Philadelphia after the Eagles won the Super Bowl on Sunday night?” We have all seen the photos. An Occupier exclaims, “Yeah, a bunch of white guys running around the streets of downtown Philly smashing windows, uprooting trees and just destroying whatever they could. The cops didn’t do anything. I’m betting that if it was a bunch of dudes of color doing the same thing, they would have been arrested and given long prison sentences”.
Another Occupier agrees, “I’m afraid you’re right. With white dudes it’s ‘boys will be boys, you know’ but if anyone else were to do the same thing they’d be charged with terrorism. What I really don’t understand though is why people want to tear up shit just because their favorite sports team wins something”. None of us can give him an answer; we don’t understand it either.
On another topic, an Occupier tells us, “I sent off a letter to the editor to the Northland Reader today. It’s kind of an expose’ about the true nature of Enbridge. I wonder if they’ll print it”. Another Occupier speculates, “Oh, I think they will. I’m acquainted with one of the long term reporters at the Reader; he has expressed his frustration to me about not getting a variety of letters for their In Box column. They love it when new writers send stuff in”.
More Anons arrive; the youngest Anon has a story to tell them. He says, “Hey, remember when we did the last action at Wells Fargo and the first Water Protector arrived and chained himself by his neck to the entry gate that hadn’t been opened yet? Remember that the bank manager saw the Water Protector chain himself and that the manager then ran really fast over to where the switch to open the gate was?”
An Occupier exclaims, “What! The bank dude was going to lift the gate with the Water Protector chained to it by his neck?” The Anon continues, “Yup, if it wasn’t for the fact that 4 really big Water Protectors from Makwa (Bear) Camp immediately surrounded the bank manager and scared him just by their presence, the chained Water Protector would have been lifted up into the air and could have possibly choked to death.
“Anyway, I saw that bank dude tonight when I was walking in the skywalk on my way over here. I’m walking along on one side of walkway and the bank dude comes walking on the other side. We are separated from each other by at least 20 feet. The bank guy is looking kinda nervous so I stamped my foot and said, ‘Boo!’ The dude jumped up in the air and smacked into the wall! I mean I was 20 feet away from him and didn’t say anything at first or make any sign of aggression toward him and he’s still scared? What a fool!”
We don’t laugh at his story but we do smile. An Occupier comments, “So the bank manager doesn’t mind risking the neck of a Water Protector who is only trying to save the planet for future generations but he fears for his life when an Anon stomps his foot? Those money worshipping types have no clue”.
An Occupier hands one of the Anons a flyer that contains a map of all the new porta-potty sites. She explains, “These are the flyers that I was telling you about. They were made by a guy who lives and works at Loaves N Fishes. I thought you might like to pass them out while you’re cruising the streets”. The Anon replies, “These flyers are way cool! We’ll definitely use them”. The Occupier adds, “As you can see, the 2 parts need to be cut out and glued together. I’ve already printed out a few; I’ll email you the download as soon as I get home.
The Occupier continues, “Also, I went to the Citizens Review Board last month and gave them your report about the cop in the skywalk who won’t give her basic information when you request it. The only cops there were the usual Lieutenant and Deputy Chief. They agreed that when a member of the general public asks a cop for their name and badge number, the cop MUST provide it. They were curious to know who the offending cop might be. I told them that you have a video of her refusing to provide the information. The lieutenant gave me his card to give to you and he’s hoping you’ll call him. I know that cops are trained to playact and lie a lot but they did seem genuinely interested in remedying the situation”.
The big Native Anon rolls in; we haven’t seen him since mid-summer. He was out at Maii’gan (wolf) Camp for a good while and has recently moved back to Duluth. He plans to move out to Makwa Camp as soon as he is able. We’re delighted to be able to spend time with him again.
An Occupier says to the Occupier who recently had his debit card stolen and all of the money removed from his account, “I remember you said that it looked like the thief had been able to get your information and password from PayPal somehow. Well, I received an email yesterday from PayPal. It notified me that someone had attempted to access my account. I guess the difference between the two of us is that I notified my bank immediately, cancelled my card and got a new one with a different number. I’m guessing that the thief kept my card, was hoping that I hadn’t noticed it was missing and put more money on it. The recently robbed Occupier responds, “I think people need to refrain from using PayPal. It seems that a door has been left open”.
The Occupier who generally records the minutes reports, “I’ve found out that my computer really is toast. I’m gonna have to share his computer with him (she gestures toward another Occupier) until I can save up enough money to buy a new one. I’ve been looking around a bit trying to match what I need with what I can afford. I think it’s gonna take a while”.
The Native Anon asks, “So what are you guys gonna be up to over the next several days?” Another Anon tells him, “Tomorrow we’re going to march in remembrance of the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Woman and in support of The Lifegivers. The March will take off from AICHO at noon. On Thursday, there will be a pre-trial rally at noon at the County Court House for the Catholic Workers who sat-in at the Duluth Enbridge office last month. Then at 5pm there will be a rally outside of the DECC before the Polymet hearing which happens from 6p-9p”.
Another Anon states, “I really want to get out to Makwa again. I’m waiting for our organizer friend to be ready to drive out there. I hope it will be soon”. The newly arrived Anon says, “Please let me know when you’re going. I’d like to go out too”.
So, it looks like we’ve talked up til the last minute. The staff has their coats and stuff and are ready to go. As we head out the door and go our separate ways, someone calls out, “See you on Thursday!”
One of the Occupier couples will give the Anons, who have the farthest to walk, a ride home. It’s too cold to be outside if you don’t have to be. We expect to return to Coney Island next Tuesday.