G.A. Minutes 3-22-16

G.A. Minutes 3-22-16
It’s winter again, just without the snow.  The wind is strong and bitterly cold.  The few people out on the street are almost running to get to their destinations.
We do the same and dash through the Coney Island front door.  The place is full of customers but most appear to be leaving.  They’re piling on the same type of layers they wore in January.
The East Coast Occupier is already in the back booth.  The few arriving Occupiers are very glad to see her as she hasn’t been able to join us in over a week. 
After exchanging greetings, an Occupier states, “I think it’s just going to be us tonight. Everyone else has other obligations.  That’s o.k. though because it will make it easier to catch you up on what’s been going on.  Did you get a chance to look through that package with all the relevant laws, complaints to the DPD and responses from the police lieutenant and Acting Police Chief?”
The Eastern Occupier replies, “Yeah I did.  It was kind of a good read; it sounded like a soap opera”.
The first Occupier laughs and says, “That’s definitely what it feels like.  All those supposedly grown people in government offices passing the buck back and forth while refusing to tell the truth or even give a straight answer”.
Another Occupier remarks, “There have been a few new developments since we gave you all that paperwork.  The Occupier who wrote the letter to the DNT received an email response the other day.  The email said the DNT would not publish the letter because it stated our recreational fire was legal.  The DNT went on to list all the usual suspects in the government with whom they conferred.  They said the ultimate authority on the subject is the Duluth Fire Marshall.  The Duluth Fire Marshall says our fire is illegal so they won’t publish the letter.
“Ain’t that a bitch?  I don’t understand the Fire Marshall.  The MN Fire Code she refers to states plain as day that our recreational fire is an exception to the open burning rules and therefore does not require a permit.
“I’m pretty sure she knows how to read.  Anyone with an eighth grade reading level can read the code and realize what it says.  She can’t be stupid either or she couldn’t have reached such a high position.  The only thing left is that she is deliberately lying.  Does she think her lies will never see the light of day?”
Another Occupier adds, “When we had that meeting with the Fire Marshall and the Deputy Fire Chief we showed them all the relevant fire codes.  We even read them out loud.  The Fire Marshall didn’t say one thing, just sat there holding her fire code book.
“I wonder what the Fire Marshall will have to say if she’s subpoenaed and put on the witness stand.”
An Occupier exclaims, “Oh, now I get it!  The Fire Marshall is the only woman in this gang of evildoers.  Of course, just do it the ‘Merikan way, leave the woman holding the bag!”  We all laugh.
The Occupier doing research and communications announces, “I spent many hours, yesterday, at the Public Library.  Wanna see what I found?”
We say yes and the Occupier continues, “These are copies of an article from the DNT about 5 years ago.  It tells about the legal status of our preferred next spot to start our fires”.
There are big grins all around.  An Occupier opines, “I think you may have found something. It’s pretty cut and dried, isn’t it?  I think we could just go ahead and get prepared for using the space mentioned in the article”.
The Eastern Occupier comments, “I’m still not all that familiar with Duluth.  I don’t know where the place you are talking about is”.
Another tells her, “Oh, it not far, it’s still in the hood.  Maybe we should walk over there now”.
An Occupier sighs and says, “Ah man, it’s too cold out.  Seeing as there are so few of us, I bet we could all fit my car.  Let’s drive over there”.
So that’s what we do………………….we’ll be back at Coney Island on Saturday.