G.A. Minutes 3-15-16

G.A. Minutes 3-15-16

Technically speaking, it’s still light outside when the first Occupiers pull up to Coney Island this evening.  The sky is covered with grey clouds and they’ve alternated between light rains and serious downpours all day long.

That’s o.k. though, we turned the clocks ahead on Sunday and that little bit of extra evening light makes the final days of waiting for spring a bit easier.  The rain will wash away the last piles of black snow lying here and there.

The weather people say we’re going to have a big blizzard tomorrow with many inches of snow.  As a precautionary measure, the Duluth schools will be closed.  Parents with young school children may be tearing their hair out about now with trying to figure out who can take care of their kids.  No matter what, parents and everyone else still have to go to work.  It sure would be nice if the weather people were wrong.

There are only 2 customers besides ourselves as we walk through the door.  A regular hipster is working by himself.  It appears he’s happy to see us.  Time usually seems to go faster when one has something to do.

As we are settling in an Occupier comments, “I wonder whatever happen to the so called interview panels the City was supposed to convene to help choose the next Duluth Police Chief.  A couple of months ago, at the Citizens Review Board meeting, all the high ranking cops said there would be interview panels made up of regular citizens.  These panels would have a say as to who gets hired as the next Police Chief.

“I sent in my application and resume just the way the former Human Right Officer advised me to do.  I have heard absolutely nothing since then.  Tomorrow is the CRB meeting again.  I’m gonna be sure and bring up the subject”.

The Occupier tasked with communicating with the various evil doers opposed to our recreational fire reports, “I had a lengthy phone conversation with the City Attorney today.  I was introduced to him last Friday at the retirement party at Central Hillside Community Center.

“I figured after making small talk with him on Friday, he just might answer my phone call.  I was right; he took my call right away.  He was friendly and very chatty but I didn’t care for what he had to say.  I informed him that we’d been told he was holding meetings with members of the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial Board in an effort to write a list of formal rules that would govern the use of CJMM.

“He said no, he had not been meeting with the BOD and there was not going to be a list of rules.  He said he will issue an official letter shortly that will be his official legal opinion about fires being lit at CJMM.  The letter will state no fires shall be lit at the site.

“So we blabbed about the deeper issues related to homelessness and poverty, the difference in activity at CJMM after we and our fire arrived, the CJMM camera (courtesy of our arrival on the scene) and all sorts of other stuff.

“For a guy who hasn’t been meeting with the CJMM BOD, he sure did sound like a clone of the former CJMM BOD co-chair.  I never once mentioned the word Occupy but he used the word at least 5 or 6 times.  I guess he watches Fox News like the rest of them.

“Anyway, I sure hate to leave CJMM but if we’re gonna have a fire that stands a chance of not getting put out before we are ready to do it ourselves; we’d better pick another site close by to use”.

An Occupier exclaims, “That sucks!  I don’t want to go to another site.  The City and all its good ole’ boys just do whatever they want to.  They don’t give a damn about laws.  They think the laws are just for people who aren’t rich”.

The tasked Occupier replies, “I agree, but we’ll have a better chance of proving that if we go to another site that has its already written laws and the cops come down on us there too”.

Another Occupier suggests, “It’s kinda like that thing a few years back with Jim what’s-his-name and Last Place On Earth.  I was glad to see him and that synthetic crap go.  I can’t remember the details but there was something fishy about the way the City got rid of him.  I remember thinking I wasn’t too happy about the way they did it.  I’m sure other people noticed too but they didn’t care because they wanted him gone.  That’s how people lose their rights”.

The tasked Occupier responds, “You’re right, I felt a little uneasy about all that too.  I think our situation is a bit different though.  A lot of people with common sense are in support of our fires.  L.P.O.E only had the support of the synthetic addicted zombies.  Hopefully our supporters will protest when the City tries to screw us over.

“I still have to do some research about the site that is our first choice.  There are only so many hours in the day”.

An Occupier states, “I will help you do the research”.

An Occupier says to another, “So how was the lecture at UMD last night?”

The Occupier answers, “The place was packed and Nekima Levy-Pounds spoke well on the topic of Black Lives Matter.  However, her target audience was young college students so most of what she had to say were things that I already knew.  I left before the thing was completely done.  I didn’t have a chance to grab anything for dinner before I arrived so I was very appreciative of the food that was provided”.

Everyone feels very tired.  Rainy days do that to people.  We think maybe we’ll leave early tonight.

The hipster staff guy wheels out the mop bucket; it’s not as early as we thought.

As we pack up, someone says, “Remember Deb and Winona have their Meet N Greet on Thursday at CHCC 4p-6p and our city official friend has his In Black Ink presentation on Saturday 1pm at CHCC too”.

We plan to return on Saturday.  Maybe we’ll have answers to some of our questions.  Pray that it doesn’t snow.