G.A. Minutes 9-5-15

G.A. Minutes 9-5-15
          There’s a big party going on when we drive up to the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial this evening.  It’s Pride Weekend and our friend who owns the club a little ways up the street from CJMM has been throwing down with a block party since around noon.  The street is blocked off just outside the Memorial and only those with tickets are allowed in. However, everything is happening outdoors so everyone in the surrounding neighborhood can enjoy the music too.  Our club owning friend is generous like that.
          CJMM is packed with people and they help us quickly set up.  The music is top notch and the woman from Mississippi is dancing right on the corner.  She has a big smile on her face.  The weather is in the lower 70s and the autumn chill in the air is back.  A fire would be just the thing…. so we get one going.
          An occasional cop drives by.  They don’t seem to be paying attention to us.
          As usual, street folks are stepping up to get their snacks and drinks.  There are many more than we are accustomed to serving.  Everything is disappearing quickly.
          As the Occupier who recites poetry arrives, we ask him if he went to the so called Bernie Sanders picnic today.  He answers, “No, when I saw that the food was going to be only for the union members and their families, I decided not to attend”.
          Another Occupier remarks, “Gee, they’re really damaging their reputation by being so exclusive” and the first Occupier replies, “You know, I think they’re just short on funds these days”.
          Our anarchist friend rides up on his bike, sits down and says, “Wow, this is really cool”.  We offer him a cup of coffee only to find that both large carafes are completely empty. 
          An Occupier who lives close by says, “Hold that thought”.  She drives off to fill up the coffee pots again.  Upon her return she passes off the full pots to another Occupier.  As he carries them across the space to the table, he is met with a round of applause from the folks on the ledges.
          The returning Occupier sits down and asks, “Where are all our chairs?  Do we have more in the truck?”  The others inform her that all the chairs are scattered around the area.
          The man from Senegal and one of his friends have a couple of them and are sitting around the corner.  The big group of older folks from the Skinner apartments has the rest by the tree at the back ledge.  They don’t get to come out often as sitting on the ledge is too uncomfortable for them.
          The next band is starting up and one Occupier suggests, “We shouldn’t even try to have a meeting tonight.  We can hardly hear each other so let’s just listen to the music with everyone else.  We could even stay a little later tonight so all the people can comfortably enjoy this party”.  Everyone agrees.
          The place is swaying and grooving as one.  Everybody happy, no bad vibes.
          An Occupier calls out, “It’s supposed to rain tonight. 
          Another responds, “Yeah but that’s not gonna happen for several hours”. 
          The first Occupier states, “The weather forecast on my phone says it will start at 9pm”.  As he says that, we feel little raindrops on our faces. 
          An Occupier jokes, “Don’t worry about it. If it rains, all that will happen is that we’ll get wet”.
         Those words are barely out of her mouth when…… KABOOM!!!  Rain comes pouring down.  We think we’ll just calmly pack up but the rain shower turns into a serious deluge.
          Everybody runs for the nearest doorway.  When the rain slows down we come back to the fire.  It appears the music will move into our friends club as strong showers are expected for the rest of the night.  People pack up the food and chairs.  Most of the CJMM partiers are gone but the fire and the sage bundle are still burning.
          Reluctant to leave, we stand around the fire, drying and warming our hands.  Spiritual Man and his friend join us.  We’re sorry to see the party over as the neighborhood folks have so few chances to really enjoy themselves.  Finally, it’s really time to go, unless we want to get soaked again. 
          We plan to return to CJMM next Tuesday.