G.A. Minutes 3-10-15

G.A. Minutes 3-10-15

We have only 3 Occupiers tonight at the Amazing Grace Café. Seeing as it appears that it’s no longer winter, this lack of attendance is not surprising. During the last 3 days temps have been in the upper 40s with overnight lows in the 30s. Today was close to 60. Snow is rapidly melting, puddles are everywhere; people in Duluth are walking around with their coats open and dazed looks on their faces. They appear to be thinking can this be real? Well, it may be or not be real but it looks like most Occupiers have chosen to get outdoors and enjoy it, just in case normal March weather chooses to return.

We’ve been busy with various actions for several weeks. Another action is planned for tomorrow. This evening will be the first time we’ve been able to discuss things so we decide to go ahead even though we are very few.

Rick Nolan, our very disappointing federal representative from the 8th CD, is holding a Duluth fundraising event tomorrow night at the Vikre Distillery in Canal Park. We will be demonstrating outside the event with Northwoods 350, Idle No More, Northwoods Wolf Alliance and other groups. We plan to let Nolan’s potential backers know that many are not going to ignore his shameless sell out of our land and water to the 1% and their earth destroying corporations.

He has thrown his whole hearted support to Polymet’s sulfide mine, the Keystone XL, Alberta Clipper and other Enbridge projects.
Nolan has even gone so far as to sign on to the Republican letter to remove the Great Lakes wolves from the Endangered Species List….. Again. We want people to know we will not accept Nolan as the lesser of two evils candidate. We hope to convince the potential backers that Nolan isn’t a “shoo in”.

An Occupier asks how things went with last Friday’s NdN Taco Sale. We tell him it was quite successful and that INM/NWA has decided to make it a monthly event, every first Friday. We also remind the questioning Occupier that the next INM/NWA is this upcoming Friday, March 13th.

The Occupier asks if we will be attending the monthly Visit with an Elder next Tuesday March 17th. Another Occupier answers, “I spoke with the Fond du Lac person in charge of that program a few days ago. She says there’s some type of mix-up with the big bosses and she doesn’t know yet if the Elder visit is going to happen”. The Occupier responds, “I hope it will. I’m getting kind of addicted to visiting with the Elders”.

An Occupier reports, “I’m still working on getting that second Velcrow Ripper movie. I have it ordered but won’t be able to make payment for a few more days. Once I do that, they’ll send it out and I’ll get it in about 10 days. I think we’re looking at screening it around the end of the month”.

The same Occupier reminds us the next NAACP meeting will be held Sunday, March 15th, 3:30pm at the Hillside Community Center.
Another Occupier asks, “Seeing as the weather is so very nice and seeing as the weather people say it’s going to stay that way for at least a week, do you want to attempt to hold our next meeting at the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial?”
We pause; we look at each other, each with a devilish gleam in our eye.

With so few of us present, do we dare to make a decision like that?

Someone inquires, “Is all the stuff ready?” Someone else answers, “It can be”.

We don’t imagine any of the others, not present, would object to the idea. “Let’s go for it!”

On that happy note we pack up to leave. Seeing as the meeting was a short one, we decide to drive by the Vikre Distillery and take a look at the set up.

See you next Saturday at CJM.