G.A. Minutes 2-24-15

G.A. Minutes 2-24-15

We are a small group tonight at the Amazing Grace Café. It’s a good thing we’re here. If not for us, the place would be completely empty.

It’s hard to say why no one is out and about this evening. It’s not storming and the temps are a little above zero. The past several weeks have seen wind chills to -30 and -40.

The weather is probably not what’s keeping folks at home. As a matter of fact, most of our normally severe winter weather has visited the East Coast this year.

Maybe everyone is beginning to burn out on the cold even if it hasn’t been terribly bad this year. If we start dreaming of spring this soon we will surely be insane by April.

An Occupier mentions she had an interesting conversation with a professional organizer friend of ours today. The organizer had just returned from a tar sands conference in Madison.

He told the Occupier that people from 350.org and Honor the Earth were in attendance. He said the Alberta Clipper is definitely now on the radar.

The Occupier is quite pleased with this news. She says, “I am so totally excited! I’ve been trying to get people to understand the threat that Enbridge poses to our North Woods land and water. It sounds like folks may be finally getting the message.” We are all also pleased and ready to join and support the “Big Guns” in whatever ways that we can.

Another Occupier tells us about the NAACP meeting she attended a little over a week ago. She reports, “It was pretty wild. There were more black people than white people. Many people we know were there.’

“A 30 something black man was trying to tell folks about a daughter of Malcom X who is coming to Duluth soon. The old president allowed him to speak but whenever he said something the old president didn’t like the old president would say, “You’re out of order”. The man would ask why he was out of order but the old president wouldn’t answer.’

“Finally the man yelled, “You’re out of order! You’re a dictator and we don’t like it. Your days are numbered!” It appeared that the rest of the people agreed with the man.’

“People started talking about committees and the old president informed an older black man that he had been removed as chairperson.

The older man said, ‘How can I be removed? I was just recently voted in by the membership’.

The old president said, ‘I’m the president and I can remove and appoint anyone any time I want’. The older man was so angry he had to leave the room for a while’.

“The new president was also there. She said, ‘Everybody needs to read the bylaws. She had her friend read the relevant bylaw. It seemed like the particular bylaw did not exactly support what the old president was saying’.

“I could see that the new president was pretty smart. The old president then said,’ Let’s just finish the official meeting, then we can stay after and talk about all this stuff’.

“I left as soon as the official meeting was over because I’m not a member and I didn’t want to over step my bounds’.

“As soon as I have $35.00 to spare I’m going to join. I have a lot of experience reading and understanding bylaws and such”.

Another Occupier wants to show us his recent mathematical equations having to do with explorations of a 4th dimensional view of everyday reality. Many of us take this opportunity to go out for a smoke break.

Upon return, an additional Occupier reports that the next Idle No More/Northwoods Wolf Alliance NdN Taco Sale will be held on Friday March 6th11am-2pm at the Duluth Indian Center.
Several Occupiers volunteer to be delivery people and another will help with the cooking.

Someone informs us about plans for Rod Coronado’s visit to our area. As things stand now, he will be giving his Wolf Patrol presentation at the Perch Lake town hall, 4 or 5pm on Wednesday, March 4th. It’s probably going to be a potluck and we generally bring a big salad.

We’re also informed that at the last INM/NWA meeting someone suggested we make a movie about the wolves’ importance to a healthy environment. All of those in attendance were very excited about this idea. The Occupier giving us this information states she has some experience with movie making so realized the members did not realize how very difficult making a movie actually is. The Occupier has a friend who is skilled in animation so suggested this might be an easier way to go. INM/NWA members were open to the idea.

Just as the staff is preparing to close up and we are preparing to leave, a group of noisy, laughing young women arrive. We imagine they want to go home but they cheerfully take the women’s orders and give them a table. We’d say goodbye but the workers are busy.

This upcoming Saturday we’ll be attending a Soul Food Dinner at UWS-Superior.

If nothing interferes, we’ll be back here next Tuesday.