G.A. Minutes 1-27-15

G.A. Minutes 1-27-15

We’re back at the Amazing Grace Café again. We’ve been off gallivanting for almost three weeks. It feels good to be back.

The café is almost empty; it’s also quiet. We probably won’t have to compete with other conversations in order to hear each other.

An Occupier discovers he still has a bit of cash left a few days before the end of the month. He offers to treat everyone to soup and/or a sandwich. Most take him up on the offer. The Occupiers are in the habit of sharing with each other and with people outside the group as much as possible. We like to practice what we preach.

Someone asks how the flyer for the February 6th Idle No More/Northwoods Wolf Alliance NdN Taco Sale is coming along. The Occupier charged with making the first draft says he was hoping to be finished before tonight’s meeting so he could pass it to the Occupier in charge of making the final template. Unfortunately he’s not quite finished so will get it to her by tomorrow.

We briefly go over the information that we think should be on the flyer. The taco sale will be held at the Duluth Indian Center and we joke about how things will go. The Dululth Indian Center doesn’t have the proper electrical wiring to support a refrigerator or a stove so the cooking and storing will need to be improvised.

We’re glad we don’t have to figure all that out. The Native members of INM/NWA are pros at this so we’re not worried, just curious as to how it will be done.

Another Occupier reminds us that we still haven’t done anything about getting the film Occupy Love. The Occupier tasked with getting the download says, “Crap! I completely forgot about that. I’ll do it right away”.

The first Occupier responds, “Do you think you might be able to get it downloaded and ready to go by this Saturday? If you could, then we could view it at my house for our next meeting”.

The tasked Occupier answers, “Oh sure, that shouldn’t be a problem”.

An additional Occupier reports that Howling For Wolves will be sponsoring a Wolf Day At The Capital on Thursday February 5th. HFW will have a bus leaving from Duluth going to St. Paul at 7am on that day. She adds, “I can’t remember where the bus is leaving from but if you go on the HFW Facebook page you will find all the information”. A few Occupiers are interested in possibly going on the bus.

She also reports, “I was talking with a couple of HFW’s people last Saturday at the Native Round Dance we attended at UMD. They were agreeing that NWA and HFW should find more ways of working together. I sent them a copy of the NWA wolf/mining timeline”.
The same Occupier also mentions that she sent a copy of the timeline to a well-known local activist who specializes in pushing the Democratic Party toward radical action. The activist was quite intrigued by the timeline saying she had always suspected the connection but until now was unable to prove it.

The Occupier continues, “The activist says she would like to work with us more often. I invited her to the taco sale and to the next INM/NWA meeting. I know we don’t have any interest in working with the Democratic Party but perhaps the activist will eventually realize the so called two party system is really a one party system that is not going to change. She’s pretty smart so may figure it out’.

“The activist was also intrigued with the information we were able to find out about Senator Amy Klobuchar and the strings she pulled with the Department of the Interior in order to get the wolves removed from the Endangered Species List. She had a gut feeling that Klobuchar was up to something but was unable to find the details”.

The Occupier who created the timeline states, “The information wasn’t really that hard to find but some people are just not hard wired for doing research”.

Another Occupier attended the NAACP held last Sunday and tells us, “There were about 30 people in attendance, more black people than white people. It looks like the old president is going to be able to keep his position for a while longer. He found some obscure rule and used it to disqualify the person who the majority of members elected as the new president. It appeared to me that the bulk of the people at the meeting were supporters of the new president and that they weren’t planning on going away anytime soon’.

“I’d never seen the old president in action but I noticed he seemed to use Robert’s Rules when it was to his advantage to do so and to ignore them when it was to his advantage to not use them. An example is that apparently at the last meeting the members had voted to have an outside audit of the books. It was apparent the old president didn’t want this to happen. He said that an inside audit of the books every year was mandated by the national organization so he wanted to pass a resolution for an inside audit. At the end of his speech he quietly added, ‘If we do an inside audit we won’t need to pay to also do an outside audit’. The members caught on and would have none of it. The old president had to amend his resolution and call for an outside audit if the members felt it was really necessary.

“Many African American young people were in attendance and they said several times that it was of utmost importance that the needs of African American youth be addressed. I agree with them and hope they can hang in there and keep pushing.

“Another cool thing that happened was when the new treasurer, who is also a member of the Clayton Jackson McGhie BOD, was telling everyone about the CJM annual fundraiser at the Northland Country Club.

“People were discussing who was going to sit at the NAACP table at the event. The new treasurer said, ‘Please keep in mind that this is our only fundraiser. People sitting at the tables will be expected to donate at least $100 from their personal funds’.

“A middle aged black man said, ‘Hey, wait a minute. The men up on that wall sure didn’t have $100 to donate. CJM is for everybody!’

“The new treasurer quickly backtracked saying, ‘Oh yes, everyone is welcome…..blah,blah,blah’.

“I couldn’t help but smile and nod my head in agreement. I didn’t say anything during the whole meeting though. I just observed. I knew my place”.

We all get a kick out of the Occupier’s last story.

We notice the staff is quietly closing up shop so we pack up too. We say goodnight to the very pleasant workers and head out into temps in the high 20s with not much wind. Sweet.

So the plan is that if we are able to get the download we will meet next Saturday at the Occupier couple’s house and screen the film. If not, we’ll be back at the Grace.