G.A. Minutes 12-9-14

G.A. Minutes 12-9-14

We are very few tonight at the Amazing Grace Café. In fact, there are very few in the café at all. All the tables are empty except for our table containing four Occupiers.

Occasionally someone drops in to purchase a coffee to go or a muffin. Other than that, it’s just us. This is good because we won’t have to worry that any of our topics of discussion will scandalize customers at a neighboring table.

Tomorrow a multicultural group of Duluthians will hold a Black Lives Matter march and rally in support of a nationwide movement stemming from the recent murders of young black males by white police people and/or neighborhood security personnel.

The most recent young black men who have been murdered are Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Gardner and Tamir Rice. All were gunned down by white people under very questionable circumstances.

Eric Gardner was placed in a chokehold by NYC police. When Eric stated that he was having trouble breathing, another policeman sat on Eric’s chest. Eric suffocated and died on the spot.

In all of these cases, the murderers were held unaccountable by the American system of justice. For centuries in our country, black people and others of color have been murdered with impunity by various racist white people. The American justice system has routinely found white murderers of black people not guilty of any crime.

To this day black and other people of color, especially young men, live with the realization there lives may be cut short at any moment by the bullet of a racist.

The most recent murders of the aforementioned young men appear to have been the last straw for our nation’s P.O.C. The country has erupted in massive demonstrations and police riots. These demonstrations are being led primarily by P.O.C. youth with support from non-racist whites.

Tomorrow will be the day the P.O.C and supporting white people of Duluth have their say.
A rally will start at 4:30pm near the Harbor Lift Bridge followed by a march up the hill to the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial. Another rally will take place at CJM.

The Occupiers have been assigned the task of having a fire going for the marchers when they arrive.
The weather has been unseasonably warm and promises to continue for the rest of the week. However, the sun will be down when the marchers arrive and a fire will be needed. The Occupiers feel they are up to the task as they have much experience with fires at CJM.

We decide that the Occupier couple is capable of getting the fire going by themselves. The rest of the Occupiers can join the march.

We review our plans for the Overpass Light Brigade Stop The Wolf Hunt action Friday December 12th 4pm at the People’s Power Plaza/Maii’gan Corner. We checked the condition of the OLB lights at our last meeting and everything is working fine. We are working with the Northwoods Wolf Alliance on this and hope we have enough people committed to attend and make this action a success.

Idle No More/Northwoods Wolf Alliance will hold a meeting at earlier on 12/12/14. They’ll be meeting at 1pm at the Duluth Indian Center. Some Occupiers will attend while others will work on packing up and transporting the OLB lights to the action site.

An Occupier says, “Have you heard what happened recently at the last NAACP meeting?” Some have not so the Occupier continues, “It was their annual election for the president and a new president was chosen. The older man who has been the president for about twenty years was not reelected. A young woman activist/UMD college student was chosen instead”. The unaware Occupiers are quite pleasantly surprised.

Someone responds, “Heck, if there’s going to be new blood I may just join the NAACP myself”.

We are about to begin a discussion concerning the possibilities of having new and more progressive leadership in our black community when somebody suggests the smokers might like to dip out for a smoke break.

The smokers think this is a good idea and as they are heading for the door the lone server asks, “Are you guys leaving?” An Occupier who worked as a server in her younger life replies, “Would you like to go home?” and the server sheepishly answers, “Well, kinda”.

We assure her that as soon as we finish smoking we will pack up and let her close the place.

It looks like there will be no live music so we plan on returning to the Amazing Grace Cafe for our next meeting on Saturday.