G.A. Minutes 8-16-14

G.A. Minutes 8-16-14

The sun is shining and it looks like a typical warm summer day. However a pretty strong east wind is cooling things down considerably. Of course, we’re at CJM again. We set things up quickly and start the fire right away. No one is dressed for cool weather; the fire will allow folks to sit comfortably.

A few street people are actually waiting for us. They seem in need of refuge tonight. The formerly homeless Native artist who we have known and respected for years stops by. He’s on his way to do something and says he’ll be back to join us soon.

A Native woman who appears to have been waiting for us comes to sit. She appears to be upset but doesn’t say much. Although we’ve met her occasionally, we don’t really know her.

Something is going on back on the ledge. We hear a loud conversation between an infamous Native street man who uses a wheel chair, a large, mannish, well known Native street woman and a young woman whose face is familiar to us. Several African American men are also on the ledge. They do not appear to be at all connected to the loud conversation.

The young woman is chastising the man in the wheel chair. She tells him it is never o.k. for a man to hit a woman. The young woman walks over to the Native woman sitting in our circle and says, “So what happened?” The sitting woman says, “He hit her in the head with a board. I think she has brain damage”. The young woman goes back to the ledge and continues chastising the man. The large Native woman takes out her cell phone and makes a call. As she does this, the young woman heads up the hill alone and in a hurry.

Soon we see our Native artist friend arrive. He questions everyone involved, takes the young woman’s purse off the back of the wheel chair and heads up the hill. Sadly, we realize he probably won’t be coming back to sit with us tonight.

As all this has been going on, we’ve been involved in our own conversation; keeping an eye on the ledge goings on at the same time.

We’ve been postulating the theory that the 1% are planning on leaving the planet and moving to Mars or some other planet. This is why they don’t care what happens to our planet or the rest of humanity. They figure they won’t be here when the planet becomes toast.

An Occupier is attempting to figure out how many people can fit in a space capsule and how many space capsules it will take to get the whole lot of them to their new homes. Others are telling about the latest scientific things they have heard about other possibly habitable planets in the universe.

The Occupier says, “I think they have a problem. At current speeds it will take them 36,000 years to get to the nearest planet”.

Another Occupier responds, “They’re not gonna be able to take the whole 1%. Each space capsule only holds about 7 people”.

Still another states, “The 1% is so dumb. Sooner or later they’re all gonna die. They’ll certainly be leaving the planet then. I guess they haven’t thought of that”.

We’ve really just been killing time until the police arrive. Then……. THEY’RE HERE…… A squad pulls up, a cop gets out and the large Native woman waves him over. Another squad rolls up and another cop gets out.

They bring the woman over closer to us and we can hear her telling them, “She had a knife behind her back and she started to pull it out and said she was gonna stab me. She’s wearing a grey sweatshirt and blues jeans. She went up the hill. I don’t know her name”. The Native woman is obviously very drunk.

The cops don’t seem to care. They’re just smiling and writing down stuff. Maybe it’s because the woman is pretty well known around here for this type of drama. Maybe it’s because they don’t want to look bad in front of us. That white privilege thing you know. Whatever.

The officers come over to us and ask us if we know what happened. An Occupier says, “Not exactly, we were just observing from here but all that stuff about a knife is definitely not true”. One cop says, “Yeah we figured that”. They get back in their cars and drive away.

The Memorial is empty. During the lull we have our meeting. An Occupier reports our supply of wood is running low. She asks permission to take the rest of the money in our treasury and buy more wood. Everyone agrees this would be o.k. to do.

Several Occupiers report on the Equity In Hiring and the Human Rights Commission meeting they have attended. One has concerns that the EIH group may be about to be taken over by NGO hustlers. The other says she’s impressed by what she’s hearing at the HRC these days.

The people who were on the back ledge are back and they’ve brought friends. The back ledge is really crowded and it appears some of the people are smoking something. It’s probably synthetic. We hear some mild arguing between some of the Native people and some of the African American men.

A small older African American says, “Hey, give the m’f’er some, give him some!” They give some to a young Native man in a red shirt. The red shirted man makes loud, sucking noises and the small man says, “Hey, give it back. Give it back!”

Within less than a minute, the red shirted man is lying flat on his side on the ground behind the ledge and the small man is on his knees, hanging onto the fence and talking gibberish. The small man’s friends are almost falling over with laughter.

Back at our fire circle we continue to talk while keeping an eye on things. We especially are watching the red shirted man as he doesn’t appear to be moving at all and his friends aren’t paying any attention to him. A developmentally disabled man, who lives in the neighborhood, joins us. Many people are coming up to get snacks the quickly leaving. It appears no one wants to be involved with what is going on at the back ledge.

Eventually both men attempt to sit up and their friends assist them as they sit very shakily on the ledge. Both of them talk in some unintelligible language. The red shirted man staggers off and the large Native woman slides up next to the small older African American man. She begins to threaten him, shoving him, closing her fists and acting as though she will punch him.

His friend says, “If she’s gonna come at you like a man you should come back at her like she was a man”.

The small man mumbles something that sounds like, “Nah, I can’t do that”. The woman’s friends all leave. They appear disgusted with her. One young man who is generally pretty rowdy looks at us and smiles, then looks back at her and shakes his head.

The woman continues to harass the man until suddenly….Wham! He throws her to the ground and holds her by the wrists. She gives up quickly. He lets her up, she takes out her phone, starts talking and staggers off.

We notice it’s after 9pm and completely dark. We figure that’s enough for one night so we pack up. We make plans to be here again on Tuesday but we know it might rain. If it does, we’ll go to the Occupier couple’s house to make new signs for the Idle No More NdN taco sale later in the month.

As the last Occupier is getting into her car, she sees the Memorial is empty except for the small man. He is standing unsteadily on the sidewalk. She says, “Hey man, you better split. If the cops come they will surely take you in because you look really f’d up”.

He says, “Yeah, I’m going home. Thank you.”

Just as she starts up her engine, 2 squads come around the corner. They scope out CJM but it’s empty. They slowly cruise down the street, looking to see what they can see. The Occupier follows them at a distance for a block or so. She doesn’t see the small man anywhere and hopes he is safely out of sight.