G.A. Minutes 6-7-14

G.A. Minutes 6-7-14

It’s been raining since last night. A slow steady rain, perfect for helping all the green things grow. An hour or so before our meeting at CJM it stops drizzling. A good omen?

Everyone arrives on time this evening. Maybe that’s the reason the clouds part; allowing sunshine to beam down on us.

A couple of Occupiers have brought food to go with our usual coffee and juice. We have a pile of organic peanut butter and jelly sandwiches along with onions and potatoes wrapped in tin foil to be cooked on our fire.

It’s always a good idea to bring food on Saturday evenings because the Mission feeding station doesn’t serve dinner on Saturdays. Street folks are generally quite hungry on the last night of the week.

Our friend, the City official is joining us at our fire. We haven’t seen him in a while and are pleased he has found the time to be with us. There is new business with CJM that we need to discuss. An article in the DNT alerted us to news concerning a member of the CJM BOD.

Apparently this BOD member is planning on putting a resolution before the City Council. The BOD member will ask the council to issue a statement proclaiming the Memorial a local site of historical significance. If the council will agree to do this, the BOD member wants to then make an official “code of conduct” to be applied to all who set foot on the site.

We think it all sounds pretty silly, however we know what her real motive is. She has always been vehemently opposed to the Occupiers holding meetings at CJM. The moment, years ago, she found out she began complaining to the DPD and anyone else who would listen.

She says we are being disrespectful. She’s never attended even one of our meetings and we have no idea what she’s talking about. We hadn’t heard anything from her for at least 6 months but here she is again.

A few of us agree to attend the City Council meeting on Monday to try and counter some of her nonsense. Our friend the City official will be there too.

There’s some movement on the street tonight but not a lot. The people who do cruise through are happy to get a sandwich. A young man has been sitting on the back ledge with 2 women that we know. Eventually the women leave and the young man is left sitting alone. That’s when we notice he is so intoxicated he can barely walk. We assist him to a chair by the fire.

It’s hard to understand his very slurred speech. The most we can make out is that he’s real tough and he likes to fight. He also says “help me” and” pray for me” from time to time. We try to feed him but he’s not interested. He asks for a cigarette and then asks for the smudge pot to be handed to him.

An Occupier says, “You’re not supposed to smudge when you’re drunk”.

He says, “Hey, you’re not Native!”

The Occupier responds, “That’s true but that doesn’t mean I don’t know nothing”. For some unknown reason that response seems to settle him down.

As we continue our conversation, an Occupier reports there will be a demonstration at UWS at 11:30am on Monday. Idle No More will be having a meeting Friday 1:00pm at Randy’s. Also a well-known local artist, hipster and good friend is celebrating her 70th birthday on Friday.

A couple of somewhat older guys walk up. It is apparent they are friends of the drunken young man. They nod to us and go over to him. One guy takes a look at the back of the young man’s head and says. “So you still haven’t got that fixed, huh?”

Youngblood says, “No and I ain’t gonna. I’m gonna die next week”. Both of his older friends try to convince him he needs to go to the emergency room but he keeps refusing.

The City official says, “Maybe we should call homeless outreach”. An Occupier nods toward the boy’s 2 friends and says, “Looks like we already have homeless outreach”.

An Occupier who is a nurse goes to look at the large cut on the back of boy’s head and says, “Damn! That’s deep”. The friends tell her the young man got hit with a crow bar maybe 3 days ago at a notorious local Bar.

“No, was yesterday.” Fist loosely clenched he swings at the air and misses. “I knock you out.”

Several Occupiers are questioning if someone should call an ambulance. Another Occupier says, “We need to ask his friends”.

They ask and the friends says, “Well, he’s not gonna go by himself and he definitely needs to see a Dr.”

An Occupier calls 911 and we all sit down to make small talk and wait.

After about 20 minutes, 3 squad cars roll up; a cop gets out of one of them and comes over to the circle. We don’t have to point out the injured party; the cops spots him right away. The boy turns and notices the DPD has arrived. He responds with belligerence to the first cop and immediately 2 other officers appear.

One stands the boy up and the other cuffs him. The boy lunges aggressively at the cop in front of him. He says “I’m goin hit you.” The cop steps back and says, “Come on man, you can’t hit me. You’re in handcuffs!”

We tell the officers that Youngblood wasn’t causing any problems; he just really needs to go to the ER. It’s always a dilemma for us when we’re faced with these situations.

When you call the DPD you never know if they’ll help or if they’ll make the situation worse. With all the Occupiers standing around watching, they’re treating the boy very gently. Once they’re out of our sight, we have no idea what they will do.

A few more of our friends show up including one who has had his own battles with the police. He is a major permaculturalist and has spent years trying to establish his right to plant food in public spaces. We talk about how there are so many groups of people working on different parts of the system. We hope to all be able to come together for mutual survival when the system crashes once and for all.

It’s still light outside but we notice a few of the “2nd shift” folks appearing. That means it’s time to go home. As we’re cleaning up, a man comes by saying he and his children are hungry. We give him all the food that we have left.

We plan to be back here on Tuesday.