G.A. Minutes 4-5-14

G.A. Minutes 4-5-14
We’re meeting at the small gallery again. Weather wise, today was the most pleasant day we’ve seen in about 6 months. We put out a general call for progressive activists to show up tonight and plan our yearly May Day event. Seeing as the open-air is pretty darn agreeable we wonder if anybody will appear.

They appear; we find more chairs and crowd together tightly. There are 2 people we don’t know well; everyone else has been connected to Occupy one way or another since the beginning of the movement. Everyone takes a turn reporting to the others what they have been up to for the last year or so. Some have worked closely together with Occupy while others have gone off to do union organizing, work in organic gardening or travel the country.

The original plan hatched by the core group of Occupiers was to hold the event at the People’s Power Plaza/Mai’igan Corner. One of the occasional Occupiers suggests going to the Civic Center instead. He says, “Seeing as May Day is on a Thursday, if we do things in the late morning or in the afternoon there will be plenty of people around. We’d probably have more of a chance to actually connect with folks than we would at the Plaza”. Everyone thinks this is a good idea.

We kick around many ideas as to what will be the central theme of the event. There is much joking and laughter before we settle on poverty and homelessness. A regular Occupier says, “This idea connects well with what we’ve been doing for the last 2 years. You know, having our meetings at CJM and all”. An initial discussion about whether we’ll have food, music, amplified sound or other things is begun. Another regular Occupier says, “Remember, the Civic Center is officially a city park so you’ll need to study the City ordinances concerning city parks to know what you legally can and cannot do. If you are prepared with that knowledge things will go a lot easier”.

Everybody agrees we should meet again soon to work out the details. Next Tuesday is suggested but a regular Occupier reminds that we had planned to attend Dr. Vandana Shiva’s presentation 6pm at the UMD Kirby Ballroom. The next suggestion is for next Saturday, April 12th 6pm in the small gallery. A regular Occupier says, “I’ve already committed to man the NWA table at the Fond du Lac Pow Wow next Saturday but you guys could go ahead without me”. This Occupier is the one who generally writes the meeting minutes. There might not be any minutes taken for next Saturday’s meeting.

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