G.A. Minutes 4-26-14

G.A. Minutes 4-26-14
This evening’s meeting is taking place at the Pineapple Arts Center, an art supply store, community meeting and art making space in Duluth’s Central Hillside.
We have a full house and we’re ready to go over our plans for May Day again. Many speakers, musicians and poets have signed up to participate so we’ve decided to start the rally at 2pm instead of 3pm with cleanup set for 4:30pm and the march to Idle No More’s rally in Canal Park to begin at 5pm.
There are 5 people signed up to speak about various aspects of a non-capitalist economic system and sustainable ideas for the survival of humanity on our planet. There is one more friend we would like to invite to speak and an Occupier takes responsibility for contacting him. 2 groups of musicians are scheduled to perform. We also have several volunteers to help with cleanup.
The Occupier in charge of providing the food says everything is under control. There’s one small hang up in that the lock in the door to the place we have been storing all our cooking equipment is broken and the Occupiers responsible for this have not been able to get into the space. We’re pretty sure this can be remedied in a few days.
A supporter of Occupy has cooked some really good food; we serve ourselves and settle down to watch a somewhat humorous movie about the origins of May Day as a political holiday. The movie is about the Haymarket riots.
Only 4 days and one more meeting left until May Day. We hope we have everything under control. Much physical labor remains to be done. We’ll meet again on Tuesday at the WSAC small gallery.

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