G.A. 4-29-14

G.A. 4-29-14

We’ve have to meet in the WSAC performance space tonight. The small gallery is now being used as a small art gallery with paintings and sculptures and such. Who woulda thunk? The performance space is huge so we tuck ourselves into a corner, put out beverages and form a circle of chairs. We intend this meeting to be short and sweet as we have much work to do tomorrow to get ready for May Day.

Somehow a conversation gets going about homelessness. Most of the Occupiers have been homeless at some point. Everyone tells their stories and the one thing all the stories have in common is the unpleasant experience of being treated with distain and fear by most of the non-homeless.

We have a new person who is at his 2nd meeting tonight. He’s not familiar with the story about the homeless camp we ran during the Spring and Summer of 2012. We tell him about that experience.

It’s time to get down business. We write up a list of all the things we need to do. A quarter sheet flyer for handing out to passersby still needs to be made. One Occupier volunteers to take care of this. The lock to our storage space has been repaired so we’ve got the 2 propane stoves. Tomorrow afternoon some of the Occupiers will arrive to clean out the big truck and then pack it with all the stuff for the rally. We got most of the food things like plates, silverware etc.

The Occupier who is in charge of the food isn’t with us tonight. We’ll talk to him by phone later tonight. All the cooking will be done tomorrow. He promises us a very large pot of something vegan, gluten free and delicious.

The weather these last few has been rainy or misty with temps in the 30s and 40s. Most of the snow has melted. The forecast is for much of the same on May Day, the same as it was for our last several May Days. Everything worked out nicely in the past; we assume things will be o.k. on this May Day too.

A female resident of WSAC comes in and says pleasantly, “Sorry but I’m teaching a dance class in here in a few minutes”. One of the Occupiers who lives in the artist co-op says, “Oh, I had forgotten about that. We’ll be out of here right away”. We pack up and are out in a matter of minutes.

We take everything to the Occupier’s apartment, converse briefly and we’re off into the night to put out handbills for Mayday at the Homegrown Music Festival venues. These next 2 days will be extremely busy. We may be back at WSAC on Saturday.