G.A. Minutes 3-15-14

G.A. Minutes 3-15-14
We’re back at the small gallery again. It’s been 11 days since our last official meeting and tonight there are very few present. This evening is also the first exploratory meeting of MN NORML. The NORML meeting is at the same time as our G.A. and some have chosen to attend. Recently there has been a rather large effort in the state legislature to get a bill legalizing medical marijuana on the books. After many years of waiting it appears the moment may have arrived. All the Occupiers are excited about this possible first step to complete legalization for a relatively harmless and highly effective plant. The Occupiers at this evening’s G.A. plan to quickly run through the business at hand and then walk down to catch the marijuana meeting.
An Occupier reports there has been a lot of activity in the Northwoods Wolf Alliance/Stop The Wolf Hunt camp over the last week. The owner of Howling For Wolves has submitted a bogus wolf bill to the state legislature and this bill was passed out of the first legislative committee a few days ago. Upon first read the HFW bill appears to be in support of wolf protection. On closer read it becomes apparent the bill actually allows a MN wolf hunt to continue indefinitely while giving jurisdiction over wolf killing to the MN Department of Agriculture. The Dept. of Ag. Is very pro wolf killing. The bogus bill also makes room for a permanent government position as a “wolf negotiator”. This position could easily be filled by the owner of HFW. Of course, NWA is pulling out all the stops in order to notify the legislature and the general public about the true nature of the proposed law. This is a real David and Goliath story as NWA is a predominantly Anishinaabe grassroots organization while HFW is owned and operated by a wealthy white woman with a paid staff, a lawyer, an accountant and a lobbyist.
On Tuesday, March 18th there will be a big NWA rally in Bemidji and some of the Occupiers are planning to attend. Occupy Duluth will do everything they can to support NWA.
The same Occupier announces Loaves N Fishes will hold their annual Ceili Dance on Monday, March 17th 7pm at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. Admission is free and she encourages those staying in town to attend. “The space is huge, there’s a full band and very many people show up to dance the Irish line dances. Even if you don’t dance it’s very entertaining to watch everyone else.”
Another Occupier reminds us that on Thursday March 20th 6:30pm somewhere in the Holiday Inn on W. Superior St the first public hearing on the proposed Alberta Clipper pipeline will be held. This issue is hugely important as it is as big and as dangerous as the Keystone XL. We all plan to attend.
On Friday March 21st at noon in each time zone the World Wide Smudge In will take place. Wherever one is at that date and time, they should be prepared to fire up some sage, sweet grass, tobacco and/or cedar and smudge themselves while offering prayers and or good thoughts for the coming of the new age of peace and equality etc.
It is also reported Idle No More has issued a call for people to organize May Day events using the theme Decolonize in the USA. Some of the young members of the dominant culture have been talking about having a May Day event but as far as we know they haven’t come up with anything concrete. We all agree to offer the INM people our physical support and use of our banners, signs, cooking equipment and whatever else we can find if they decide to do the Decolonize event.
The business is pretty much done. The Occupier couple says, “Go ahead and run down for the rest of the NORML meeting. We’ll pack all this stuff up and see everyone back here again next Saturday”.

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