G.A. Minutes 3-1-14

G.A. Minutes 3-1-14

We’re at the WSAC small gallery again and not expecting many Occupiers to turn up. Some folks have to take buses or walk and the temperature is in the not fit for man nor beast category this evening. Will it ever end? Here in the “Great White North” everyone says this by the time March rolls around. However, yesterday the local newspaper and puppet of the 1% had a headline that said “Duluth Has Coldest Winter In 139 Years”. As far as we know there has not been a homeless person found frozen to death this year. That’s probably because of the heroic efforts of our good friend the main homeless outreach worker and Loaves N Fishes and their crew.

As Occupiers start rolling up, an Occupier we haven’t seen in many months rolls up with them. We are very happy to see her. She’s been absent related to health concerns so is out of the loop. We take the time to fill her in on a few of our adventures. We’ve participated in so many actions, meetings and events we can’t even remember them all but we do our best to recount the memorable ones.

An Occupier reminds us we will need to hold our next Tuesday meeting at the Amazing Grace Café as the little gallery space where we are tonight is going to be used by another group. Other announcements include on Monday March 3rd Friends of the Boundary Waters will be sponsoring an event from 7pm-9pm at the Rafters on UMD campus, the date for the Bemidji wolf rally has been changed but the new date hasn’t yet been posted and the homeless outreach community is looking for volunteers to staff their early morning coffee and warm up gatherings for homeless people at Gimaajii and Elim Church.

The mention of homeless outreach segues into a general discussion about homelessness. Someone says, “How can this country throw away 40% of its food, have 5 empty homes for every homeless person and some of the most advanced medical care in the world yet have people who are hungry, homeless and without medical care?”

Another responds, “I’m sure I’m not using the correct psychological terms but I believe there is some type of evil magic that comes along with having too many materials things or too much money. Once a person accumulates a certain amount, they become overwhelmed with greed and just keep demanding more and more. They lose their capacity to share and their compassion for others.”

The returning Occupier asks what type of plans are being made for May Day. We say that we have put the word out we will be happy to participate and we have many things from last year’s May Day that we can contribute but we are over-extended and need someone else to take the lead this year. So far many have said they would like to see an event but no one has offered to take the lead. One of the Occupiers had offered to attempt to recruit throughout the progressive community but reports he hasn’t found any group willing to accept the challenge.

Some of the Occupiers have plans to attend a poetry reading and say they will need to leave early. The Occupier who has been asked to become a member of the Duluth Human Rights Commission has some things to report but says she can easily wait until our next meeting. The poetry fans leave and the rest of us pack up.

We plan to meet again next Tuesday at 6pm at the Amazing Grace Café.

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