G.A. Minutes 2-18-14

G.A. Minutes 2-18-14
So we’re meeting in the small gallery of the Artist Co-op for the first time tonight.  There’s a lot of stuff in here and we don’t know who it belongs to or where it’s supposed to go. We push everything against the walls and set up some chairs and a table with coffee and cold drinks.  The room has no heating source and it’s a little chilly.  The Occupier who lives in the building rolls in a space heater and we take turns plugging it into the various wall outlets.  No luck.  The Occupier says, “They have events in here and plug in crock pots and stereos.  The lights are working.  I don’t know what the problem is”.  By this time heat from the open door to the hallway has drifted in. It’s comfortable.  The chairs are facing the big window that looks out on the neighborhood.  We light a candle for ambience.  Cute.  We’ll figure the electrical situation out later.
Some of us are pleasantly exhausted from spending most of the day working the Northwoods Wolf Alliance Indian Taco Sale.  The taco making and selling took place at the Red Lake Urban Office. Two Anishinaabe women threw down a bunch of killer fry bread.  Many Red Lakers stopped by to get tacos and to socialize.  Good food, good friends and NWA managed to make a decent contribution to their nearly empty treasury.
An Occupier says, “As long as we’re talking about wolves I’ll mention that Howling For Wolves is sponsoring a Wolf Day At The Capital down in St. Paul on Thursday, February 27th.  Also, a wolf organizer from the east coast is attempting to organize people to go to the capital buildings in MN, WI and MI all at the same time on Monday, February 24th.  He wants them to handcuff themselves to something in solidarity with the wolves.  Personally, I don’t know enough about this action to be interested in participating.  All the NWA people I’ve talked with don’t feel comfortable participating either”.  Everyone laughs and agrees.
It is announced that the next Idle No More meeting will be Monday, February 24th, noon at Randy’s.
Another Occupier mentions the free Soul Food Dinner being sponsored by the UWS Black Student Union Saturday, February 22nd 5pm at the Student Union on UWS campus.  She asks us if we’d like to go over to it and possibly hold our G.A. there.  We think this is a good idea.  Free food and a chance to smooze with some of the African American Community.
One of the Occupiers calls our attention to an article recently written by a blogger who also works with Occupy MN.  She thought it was really good and has brought copies for everyone to read. People like it but feel they are too tired to begin a serious discussion.  The winter has been difficult weather-wise and also very busy with meaningful events and actions.  It appears things may be slowing down a bit for the next week or so.  We all need a rest so decide to make it a short evening.  We’ll hook up again on Saturday at UWS.

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