G.A. Minutes 2-1-14

G.A. Minutes 2-1-14

We’re back at the Café again.  We’ve made it through January and into February.  If we can just make it through February without perishing in a Polar Vortex blizzard we stand a chance of seeing Spring again; eventually.

We had expected to meet at the Amazing Grace Café last Tuesday but Loaves N Fishes held a homeless outreach meeting and we decided to go to it.  At that meeting there was some discussion about what is hoped will happen when the Homeless Bill of Rights is sent to the City of Duluth Human Rights Commission. One of the Occupiers has applied to become a member of the Commission.  She was happy to hear Loaves N Fishes plans on keeping close contact with the Commission members during their attempts to write the actual bill.

Several Occupiers attended the Introduction to the IWW Forum which was held this afternoon.  An Occupier reports several MN IWW organizers from outside Duluth were present to direct this event.  Among the subjects discussed were the abolition of the wage system, the IWW method of organizing groups of workers based on their particular job site or employer rather than the type of job worked, IWW membership dues structure (it was noted the organizers stated they were more interested in attracting workers than they were in collecting dues) and the IWW annual weekend event at a park up on The Range.

The Occupier asks if the group would be interested in expending some of our energy working for the IWW.  A few state they would like to become involved while others say they are not interested.  Everyone agrees we should remember to invite and include IWW in all relevant events in which we participate.  It is decided that Occupiers will participate in the IWW according to their personal preference but we will not expend our energy as a group.

An Occupier reminds us the political party caucuses will take place next Tuesday evening.  Many Occupiers make faces and roll their eyes.  The Occupier states a well-respected organizer and friend has requested we attend the Green Party caucus and attempt to push them into taking a radical stance in their resolutions.  We agree to attend the caucus on Tuesday, February 4th, 7pm at the Hillside Community Center.

An Occupier who is not present tonight has suggested that he look into holding our Saturday meetings at Pineapple Arts.  The Occupiers who are present agree this might be a good idea.  The Café has live music on most Saturday nights; this interferes with our ability to meet and our meetings interfere with the musicians performances.  We will await the go ahead to meet at Pineapple.

No one from Occupy Duluth was able to attend last Thursday’s NWA meeting out on the Fond Du Lac reservation.  We were informed a Taco Sale is being planned for Thursday, February 13th and we discuss what we will do to help with the sale.

We are reminded the Winona LaDuke and Paula Maccabee event, Land Based Economics, will be held Saturday February 8th, 6pm at St. Scholastica.  We all plan to attend and are looking forward to the occasion.

Someone informs us the 2nd movie in the series presented by Break The Bonds will be shown Monday, February 3rd, 7pm at the Zinema.  An Occupier says, “Crap.  I wish I didn’t have other important obligations on Mondays.  I really want to see those films.  It’s not often one gets to see real movies about what the occupation of Palestine is like”.

The subject of this year’s May Day is introduced.  Our celebration last year was a big success and we’d like to do it again.  However, we will not be able to use the same venue as last year and we have so many other obligations we know we need to let other groups take the lead.  We think we can do tabling although we’ll have to make more literature as the small amount we still have is very out of date.  We can provide some food and we still have appropriate signs and the big animals of the north woods puppets.  We’ll wait and see if others groups pick up the ball.

An Occupier asks if there has been any communication from the lead organizer of the very well attended Progressive Forum. This forum was held 3 weeks ago and appeared to energize those who participated. Another Occupier says yes he has had contact with the organizer and further work is in progress.

This evening’s performer is beginning his 1st set.  He sounds really good and we know we should not detract from music.  We’re off into the cold, grateful that although the weather isn’t comfortable; it’s not deadly.  It looks like we won’t be back for at least a week.