G.A. Minutes 1-25-14

G.A. Minutes 1-25-14
It’s cold again this evening.  This is no big surprise, seeing as it’s the end of January.  The weather people say it will be super, duper, dangerously cold over most of next week.  This is the most difficult time of year; we scurry from one warm place to another.  Catching a breath of fresh air is out of the question.  Soon cabin fever will set in; we notice people are already getting crabby.  However, we’ve all been through this many times before so know we will survive.  Only 3 Occupiers are present at the Amazing Grace as meeting time rolls around.  We think we’ll just sit and chat until others arrive.
We begin to discuss the Popular Resistance emails.  We like the information contained in them but no one knows who the author of the book Doing Democracy was.  We know his name was Bill Moyer and that he passed away in 2002.  We will have to find out more about him.
An Occupier comments that his stages of revolution are similar to the stages of evolution mentioned in the First Nations Fire Prophecies and the Mayan Prophecy.  All mention a sudden outburst of superficial awareness by the general public followed by a backlash created by the ruling class and then a time of disarray with much in fighting, struggle and discouragement.  We see signs of this struggle happening around us.
A well-known and well-respected organizer friend of ours is currently undergoing a well-financed but unsubstantiated attack on her integrity and motives.  There has also been a rather clumsy attempt by someone we thought we knew well to take over one of our ally groups.  We see several highly visible organizers involved in an ongoing petty argument that distracts from their very important work.  Another Occupier reports she has received word from a Native spiritual leader and friend of ours that we should not worry about these things.  All of this has been predicted.  Now is the time people will show themselves for who they truly are.  We should just watch while continuing to do honest work.  Everything will work out in time and the prophecies will be fulfilled.  Bill Moyer makes similar, though non-spiritual, predictions in his 8 stages of revolution.
Several Occupiers attended yesterday’s Idle No More/Northwoods Wolf Alliance meeting.  It was reported that on an international level INM is in disarray, splitting into many factions.  We noted earlier this month that INM in the Twin Cities appears to be in bad shape.
NWA is planning to go back to its original mission of organizing in support of the wolves on the various area Native reservations.  This original mission was thrown off track by the intrusion of a wealthy female psychiatrist with political ambitions.  She managed to co-opt the Howling For Wolves group and also attempted to take over NWA. NWA is still intact however; the wealthy woman’s attacks are ongoing.  An Occupier states she is looking forward to spending time on the reservations as these areas are mostly unfamiliar to her.  Of course, Occupy will remain in our role of helpers and supporters.
The Occupier who is creating the calendar of all local progressive groups reports he is still having trouble getting it to function properly.  He sent out the link to many area organizers today.  At first people reported they had been able to access the calendar, but after several hours, these same people reported that when clicking on the link they were receiving a message that the calendar does not exist.  Grrrrr……  Finding a way for everyone to access this calendar has been an ongoing problem.  The Occupier jokingly says either Google Plus is a defective program or we have an NSA troll in our mix.  We know it’s possible that this is not a joke.  Most progressives operate as though there was a NSA spy among them.  Fortunately Occupy is by nature a transparent group so spies can just read our meeting minutes.  They don’t even have to go to the trouble of adapting a disguise and actually attending the meetings.
So we’ve been waiting for over an hour for the rest of our comrades to arrive.  We guess that no one else is coming tonight.  We’ll exchange some quick announcements and then go over to an Occupier’s house and relax for a while.
On Monday January 27th at 7pm, Break The Bonds is showing their first in a series of movies at the Zinema.  The movies are about the occupation of Palestine.  Suggested donation is $6 and we all agree that we want to see these movies.  Movies in support of Palestine are something people in the U.S. rarely get to view.
On Wednesday January 29th at 5pm at the Central Hillside Community Center, Native Alliance, Red Lake Urban Office and Idle No More Duluth are sponsoring a feast and a forum about Anthony Jackson.  He is the disabled man who, while sitting in his wheelchair, was severely and unjustly beaten by a DPD officer.  The beating was recorded on video tape and the lack of justification for the abuse was obvious.  The officer’s attorney successfully filed for a change of venue to Pine City.  In Pine City the officer was found to be acting in self-defense.  The citizens of Duluth were astounded.
On Tuesday February 4th at 5pm at the CHCC, the Green Party will hold its caucus.  An organizer friend of ours recently made the comment, “I don’t actually believe in the current electoral system but if we attend the Green Party caucus we should be able to push them in a more radical direction than they would go without us.  We agree with this assessment and plan to attend.
Some Occupiers report they have just scored some free Bose speakers.  They will test them out and then they will be made available for events as needed.
We’re off to hang out at our friend’s house and will be back at the Café on Tuesday.

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