G.A. Minutes 1-21-14

G.A. Minutes 1-21-14
Well we’re on our way back into the deep freeze again.  The Polar Vortex is paying another unwelcome visit and we don’t know how long it will stay.  We think at least a week.  Everybody is currently sick with a cold, just coming down with one or just getting over one.  Our coughing and sneezing is louder than the background music being played at the Café.
Several Occupy friends who haven’t been around for many months are with us tonight.  They’ve come to tell us about the work they’ve been doing with IWW.  There are several local organizing campaigns currently in the works and a brain storming session with IWW organizers from another city being planned for February 1st.  The IWW is preparing to work with others on a campaign to raise the minimum wage.  An Occupier states she has noticed this issue is in the forefront of many national NGO and progressive congress people’s agendas lately.
 A discussion develops with Occupiers talking about the advisability of recruiting the sponsorship of a City Council member vs drafting a petition and getting one tenth as many signatures from Duluth citizens as the amount of voters in the last City election (approx. 17,000 voters).  Either one of these methods would enable the issue to be put before the City Council.  A few people remember the almost successful Campaign For A Living Wage from about 10 years ago. The campaign received a lot of attention and it appeared as though it would succeed…..  but then it didn’t.  No one can remember exactly what happened.  We think it would be a good idea to find out the details of that campaign before embarking on a new one.
An Occupier reports the Overpass Light Brigade light board making session last Saturday was a success.  Men As Peacemakers showed up with a bunch of people, they barreled down and made all the boards and were completely finished by 2pm.  They even brought their own food.  We were impressed.  The OLB action will be this Thursday, January 23rd, 5pm at the Lake Ave and Superior St freeway overpass.  When the action is finished people are invited to attend a candlelight vigil at Trepanier Hall.
The next meeting of Idle No More/Northwoods Wolf Alliance will be held Friday January 24th, 1pm at Randy’s.
An Occupier brings up the subject of May Day.  He reminds us last year’s May Day celebration was quite successful and he thinks we should do it again this year.  Everyone thinks this is a good idea but we’ll have to find a different venue.  The backyard at the Washington Artists Co-op has been remodeled and is no longer suitable for a big gathering.  People agree to start looking around for another space.
The Occupier who has made the progressive calendar of events asks how people like it.  Most folks report they have been unable to access it.  “Omg,” says the Occupier, “I didn’t realize that.  I’ll get back to working on it and try and figure out why it can’t be accessed”.
It’s beginning to sound like we are having a coughing contest.  We’d better call it a night, go home and rest.  Barring any earth shattering developments, we’ll be back here at the Amazing Grace Café on Saturday.

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