G.A. Minutes 12-3-13

G.A. Minutes 12-3-13
Tonight’s meeting never actually happened.  We have been in the lull of a blizzard for the last 8 hours.  The blizzard is expected to start up full force after midnight and continue for about 24 hours.  What a pain.
We thought we’d be able to squeeze a meeting at Amazing Grace in before the storm but it was not to be.  A few of us arrived a little early and found a note on the door that said the café was closed because of bad weather.  We quickly contacted the other Occupiers; telling them to never mind.
On this upcoming Saturday December 7th, we plan to attend the Duluth Waterfront Protection Ordinance meeting.  This ordinance is the brain child of one of our friends who ran for City office.  On Tuesday December 10th, we will be participating in a phone bank/potluck sponsored by Water Legacy.  The Polymet EIS statement is due to come out this Friday.  There will then be a 90 day period for public comment.  It is extremely important that all the people who signed the petition opposing the sulphide mine also post a negative public comment.  We think we’ll be participating in quite a few phone bank sessions over the next several months.
It looks like we won’t make it back to Amazing Grace until Saturday December 10th.  See you then.

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