G.A. Minutes 11-12-13

G.A. Minutes 11-12-13
This is the coldest night so far this autumn.  It’s probably in the low 20s and we know that in another month or so we’ll wish for temperatures this warm.  Right now it feels pretty darn frigid.
We are very few this evening but we work quickly.  Everything is set up and the fire is blazing in record time.  People arrive from all directions.  They stand or pull chairs up within inches of the flames.  Many say, “This feels so good!”  Even the “business people” who usually stay on the sidewalks are here.  There are regular folks who we know by name and others we haven’t previously met.  Very few have actual winter clothing; most are wearing layers of sweaters and hoodies.  Some are without gloves.  All ages and ethnicities are present and everyone is pleasantly chatting.  Our hot espresso bean coffee is quite popular.
Seeing as there are only 3 Occupiers present, we think we will skip the meeting part tonight. Several outreach workers arrive and then another Occupier.  We decide to try and discuss a few subjects while the rest of the folks carry on with their own interactions.
When we were working on the light boards for the Overpass Light Brigade event the husband of a member of Northwoods Wolf Alliance contributed much to the project.  He made all 17 of the boards and put all the holes in them in his personal workshop and then sent these boards to us. He was unable to attend the actual Stop The Wolf Hunt affair so we would like to do something to show our appreciation.  An Occupier has purchased a thank you card and is given the go-ahead to send it.
The Occupier in charge of our website reports we have been the victim of an attempted hacker attack.  He managed to block the attack this time.  Hopefully the hackers will move on.  Another Occupier says, “Remember the time a few years ago when the white supremacist hackers crashed our Facebook page and then you turned around and used the same trick to crash their hacked page?”  Everybody laughs.
A longtime progressive organizer is planning a forum to be held in January.  He says his intention is to form a new third party or progressive electoral alliance.  He asks that Occupy Duluth be a co-sponsor of this forum.  We have much respect for this organizer but we don’t feel another organization is needed.  We think there are more than enough good progressive organizations already and what is needed is a way of bringing these existing groups together. We decide to decline the offer of co-sponsorship and instead to offer our name as a supporter and to commit to attend the forum.  We are involved in so many direct actions these days; we don’t have the time or energy to get involved in organizing a panel discussion.
Our Stop The Wolf Hunt OLB action created a lot of attention for Northwoods Wolf Alliance. NWA wants to take advantage of this opportune moment so are scheduling as many rallies and OLB actions across MN as they can.  Occupy Duluth is currently in possession of all the letter light boards.  We don’t know how many of the out of town NWA events we will be able to attend. We discuss ways in which we can reinforce and pack the boards for easy and secure travel.
The next NWA rally will be held this upcoming Saturday November 16th, 1pm at Maii’gan Corner aka People’s Plaza.
Native Alliance will be sponsoring a Celebrate Indigenous Month event but we’re not sure of the date.  Whenever it is, we want to attend.
The fire is down to the coals.  Many folks are still huddled around it, trying to get the last bit of warmth.  When we start to put the fire out, we find the big water jug that we always keep on hand has frozen solid.  Geez……  We’ll have to remember to keep it close by the fire when it’s super cold.  We all sacrifice our personal water bottles.  That works.  The weather forecast says things will warm up somewhat as the week goes on.  Hopefully things won’t be so cold when we return on Saturday.