G.A. Minutes 5-4-13

G.A. Minutes 5-4-13
Man oh man; the past couple of weeks have been busy. Almost nonstop work. It was worth it though. The May Day event was a big success. We’re all very tired but feeling good.
There’s only a few of us tonight. It’s HomeGrown weekend and some Occupiers are taking the opportunity to party and relax. There are several items of business to attend to and then we’re going to work on cleaning the Occupy couple’s apartment. Their apartment was a puppet workshop for about a month and a half, home base during May Day and when the event was done we just dumped everything in their place, went home and crashed.
Someone reports the Enbridge Blockade Camp at Red Lake caught on fire last week and most of the tents and supplies were lost. The Red Lakers are saying they don’t think it was sabotage, just an accident. They are asking for donations so they can get everything functioning again. We think we have two or more tents in storage. Some other Occupiers report INM is trying to organize a caravan up to Red Lake and they propose we give them the tents to take when they go. Everybody thinks this is a good idea.
An Occupier has received an email from the makers of the film Occupy Love. They say their movie is now available for showing and request him to fill out a form giving the date we would like to show it. Another Occupier says she’s been told that things have changed a little at the Zinema. The guy we are used to dealing with has moved to another position and the new person is doing things differently. She offers to go down and talk with the people and see what’s going on.
We received $84 worth of donations at our food table on May Day. Somebody suggests we offer to split this money with the AFL-CIO as they contributed a lot of their funds to buy materials for the event. We know $42 is just a drop in the bucket for them but it’s the fair thing to do. Everyone agrees.
An Occupier asks if we think it’s time to start holding our G.A.s at the CJM Memorial again. Unanimous happy octopi! We’re excited to be going back to our old stomping grounds and interested to see how all the street folks are doing.
One of the long time leaders of the Hillside African American community attended the May Day event. He was impressed, especially with the puppet parade and is asking that we officially participate in the Juneteenth celebration to be held in about one and one half months. We think we would be willing to do this but feel we should get more details as to what exactly he would like us to do.
With all the business finished it’s time to do a little cleaning. After that, we’ll go out for a little HomeGrown fun. Some former Occupiers are in town for the weekend and one of them has a HomeGrown gig tonight. We’ll be there to cheer him on. After that, we’ll take a day of rest and begin Occupation of the Memorial on Tuesday.

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