G.A. Minutes 5-21-13

G.A. Minutes 5-21-13
We’ve been meeting at the Occupy couple’s house this past week. It’s been raining a lot and we have needed to make a few things for the worldwide March Against Monsanto. The event will happen around the world on May 25th. In Duluth the action starts at 11am in the People’s Power Plaza. There will be music and speeches, a march will leave from the Plaza at 1pm.
Occupy will be playing a supporting role for this occasion. We have fixed up the 2-faced CEO so he can play a Monsanto executive; we’ve made a Corn Monster and a different sort of banner. The Corn Monster was a real struggle with many stops, starts and unsuccessful experiments. It looks like it’s going to work now.
As we work, there has also been some discussion. Among the topics are a long standing case of institutional racism perpetrated by a very large and well-known local organization. It looks like those who are being discriminated against are going to finally bring things out in the open. We’ll be doing whatever we can to support them. One of the Occupiers believes Facebook has been attempting to censor posts about the March Against Monsanto and we have just received word there was a recent attempt to shut down our website. Hmmm……. We know these things are to be expected.

Life goes on. If we’re not all completely exhausted after the Monsanto rally, we should be meeting at CJM Saturday at 6pm.

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