G.A. Minutes 4-9-13

G.A. Minutes 4-9-13

There are just a few of us again this evening. Some of our Occupiers are back at the apartment we are using for our May Day event projects. They are working on a banner and a big puppet head.

We immediately begin talking about our May Day event. So far, we have one half of a big banner made and about 5 big puppets in various stages of development. There are only 3 weeks left until May Day so we realize all other projects must be put on the back burner. A final push will be needed in order to be ready for what could be a very big happening. Everyone agrees, from now until May Day, all G.A.s will be held at the Occupier couple’s apartment. They will be working G.A.s, if there’s something important that must be discussed, we can talk while we work.

Someone comments that First Nation Elder, Ray Robinson, ended his total fast last night after about 5 ½ days of fasting. We’re glad he didn’t fast until he died. An Occupier asks if fasting is an effective means of protest, especially given the absolute callousness towards First Nations shown by Harper and his minions. We know fasting can be beneficial for the individual, both spiritually and physically. We think fasting as political protest may have run its course. Of course, these are our personal opinions and we will keep them to ourselves. Native people need our support, not our advice.

Enough talk, what is needed now is action. The Occupiers leave, going off to look for low priced drop cloths to use as puppet clothing.

This writer will attempt to give a weekly report on the progress of the May Day work in case anyone is interested. You know, you could stop by and help.