G.A. Minutes 3-26-13

G.A. Minutes 3-26-13

A few of us are sitting around waiting for the rest of the Occupiers to arrive. An Occupier talks about a vision he’s been telling us about outside of our meetings. He has the idea of having a small coffee shop/meeting space/book store in Central Hillside or the West End. We could use it as our headquarters and allow other likeminded groups, neighbors and homeless folks a safe haven. It would be kind of like the neighborhood store the property owner of the Paul Robeson Ballroom and our former homeless camp had wanted us to create. The problem then was that the property owner wouldn’t provide us with the most basic necessities like electricity and running water. We tried improvising but were unable to turn the concept into a reality. Everyone wanted the storefront idea to materialize, so again, we start discussing the practicalities. First off, we need to check around and see what is available and what the rental price of empty storefront space is these days. We think rent is cheaper in West End but we have become comfortable in the Central Hillside. There is much to be investigated however, the rest of the Occupiers have arrived and the meeting begins.

An Occupier gives us a report about the first May Day event planning session. Many progressives are interested in participating. Another suggestion for a suitable space is the grounds of the Hillside Community Center. Some of the other Occupiers think this is a good idea as it is a large park and also close to the downtown area. One of the members of another group offered to request a permit from the City for use of this space. We don’t have a problem with him getting a permit; we just aren’t willing to request one in the name of Occupy. There’s the issue of having to request permission for use of a public space. Requesting permission from the government for use of public land seems ridiculous as public space is just what it says, space that can be used by the public. Also, we know the government response to an Occupy request for anything is to slap the cuffs on. We hope the choice of the place to hold the May Day event will be finalized at the next planning meeting. That meeting will be held on Friday, March 29th, 10am at the Central Labor Body.

An Occupier who wasn’t at the last meeting requests an update on the current status of PSOH. He is given an update (PSOH details can be found in the 3-23-13 minutes).

We go back to talking about our visions of the May Day event. Many people would like to see a parade that marches out of the park and down the hill or through the neighborhood. We discuss signs and banners and decide to make our Saturday G.A. a working one. We will meet at an Occupier couple’s home. They have a large space for making art. People begin conversing about musical instruments and songs that could be played. A few Occupiers disappear and return with instruments. They bring an accordion, a trumpet and a banjo and start jamming. I guess the meeting is over.

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