G.A. Minutes 3-16-13

G.A. Minutes 3-16-13
There are quite a few people here again tonight. An occasional Occupier has brought the DVD of a Howard Zinn documentary. He would like us to see it and suggests we take care of business quickly so we’ll have time for watching. Everyone agrees to try and stick to a time schedule.

The Occupier tasked with finding a movie reports she has spoken with the producers of Milk again. They say if we were to show the movie in a classroom they would charge us the reduced fee of $150. We all agree this is still way beyond our means. The Occupier states she doubts this motion picture company will ever agree to a fee that we would consider reasonable but she will contact them once again and ask what their cheapest rate would be. We do the usual complaining about corporations, capitalism and the damage they cause. Everyone is somewhat disappointed as we want to show a film that highlights GLBT issues and we aren’t having much luck. We question whether we should go back to showing Occupy movies. There are many good ones available and they generally don’t charge a fee. The Occupiers review the list of the other GLBT options we have found. An Occupier who wasn’t present at the last discussion about films says he believes Paris Is Burning would be a good choice. Another Occupier agrees to watch it and report back.

Several people report on the last PSOH meeting. The latest foreclosure case will have to be aborted as the homeowner has decided to make major changes in his personal life so will no longer be able to continue the action. PSOH will evaluate their candidates and start planning their next action. They now have more time to concentrate on the City Council resolution and the plan to push the city into opening abandoned homes to homeless people. Everyone is happy to hear this as we think this line of action is most productive.

We go over the list of groups to be invited to the May Day event. There is some discussion, as a few Occupiers were not present for the writing of the original list. Other groups are added. People offer to make the contacts and then, somehow, a conversation concerning the term “people of color” develops. Some say although the term seems to be the current p.c. word, it’s still a very strange one. The entire topic is very confusing, we’ll be glad when all people will just be considered people. We’re working on it.

That said, we take a break and when we return we will settle down to listen to Howard Zinn. There will be time for more discussion next Tuesday.

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