G.A. Minutes 3-23-13

All the chairs are in use but there’s still sitting room on the floor so it’s not quite a full house tonight (3 of a kind?). We have a few Occupiers who haven’t been with us in a while so will have to give them updates during the various discussions.

Everybody wants to know how plans for the May Day event are coming along. The Occupier tasked with heading up the event is not with us tonight so another Occupier attempts to give a report off the top of her head. Several music and dance people have agreed to participate and most people contacted have been very enthusiastic about the idea. A request has been made for use of the same canopy tent we used last year and some Occupiers have agreed to provide some food. We’ve studied the city ordinances for city parks and realize we will need to make a few accommodations to keep the DPD under control. Last year their behavior was way out of line. We hope to keep them in check this time. We won’t have amplified sound as it was their main reason for harassing us last time and there actually is a city ordinance that requires a permit for amplification. Of course, we won’t be getting a permit. We will also make sure not to tie anything to any structure in the park. At our previous May Day event the five-o had a great time cutting all our ropes. The city ordinance about tie downs relates to animals but we don’t intend on challenging the police this time as we are intent on providing a worker and pagan celebration. There are times when challenging the DPD is appropriate and times when it’s better to all get along. The next planning meeting is Friday, March 29th, 10am at the Central Labor Body.

Our newest Occupier asks if anyone is planning on attending the People’s Plaza rally about the USPS and the plan to halt Saturday mail delivery. A discussion ensues concerning the obvious plan by the 1% to destroy the USPS and force everyone to use the more expensive and inefficient corporate delivery companies. Congress has made a law requiring the USPS to have the funds to finance its pension plans for 75 years in advance. The corporate mail services don’t have this burden. Someone says, “You know, our entire economic system is based on the concept of debt”. Another responds, “During the beginning of civilization all the major religions forbid the affixing of interest to a debt. It was called usury and was a really big deal. Now we have the super wealthy making tons of money while not providing anything of benefit to society. The 1% won’t stop until they have sucked every drop of life out of the entire planet”. All the more reason to focus our lives on thwarting their plans.

An Occupier reports our most loved and respected County Commissioner and homeless advocate has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. We are shocked and extremely saddened to hear this. Everyone wants to know what to do and the Occupier directs them to a special website where they can offer their thoughts.

The Occupier tasked with working on the movies gives the latest report. The discount offered by the corporation that owns “Milk” is $25. That means the fee would be $125 which is still way out of our price range. It also turns out that “Paris Is Burning” is owned by a corporation even bigger that the one that owns “Milk” so we won’t even bother to find out what their fee would be. When it comes to finding a good LGBT flick, we’re back to square one again. The newest Occupier has some contacts he can ask for advice so will see if they can help. The tasked Occupier says if the LGBT thing doesn’t work out soon we may have to go back to regular revolutionary movies. Someone suggests we find a way to view possible films together and an Occupy couple offer their home for this purpose as soon as we can get things together.

An Occupier states she has finally been contacted by an Occupier from the Twin Cities. The T.C. Occupier has asked if one of us would like to become an admin of their website and use this as a way to open a line of communication. Everybody thinks this is an excellent idea. Another Occupier volunteers to take this job.

A few Occupiers tell about the last PSOH meeting. The initial plans were made re: housing is a human right. The first step will be to introduce a series of resolutions before the City Council. One of our government allies is on board with the plan. The resolutions were decided upon and people took on tasks related to creating the specific wording of each resolution. The next meeting will be Wednesday April 10th in Peter’s office.

We’ve covered a lot of territory this evening and we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us. We’ll be back here next Tuesday.

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