G.A. Minutes 3-19-13

G.A. Minutes 3-19-13

Just a few of us tonight and we find it necessary to face up to a terrible reality……….. SPRING IS NEVER GOING TO ARRIVE! There was another March blizzard yesterday and everything is covered in white with a coating of ice again. Bummer.

Beginning conversation is about May Day. A small meeting is scheduled for tomorrow morning at a union leader’s office. People intend to kick around a few ideas about what they would like the May Day event to look like. We know there is a conflict between Occupy and some union leaders when it comes to mining issues. This conflict is not going to be resolved anytime soon. We hope everyone will concentrate on the issues we do agree on. The Occupiers will continue to reach out to the groups they agreed to contact and hope to have another larger planning meeting in a week or so. Among things that need to be decided are whether to hold the event at People’s Power Plaza or Portland Square. Someone suggests that seeing as May Day will be on a Wednesday this year, there will be more people in the Plaza and downtown areas. Other more neighborhood centered events could be held on weekends at Portland Square.

Speaking of other events, an Occupier states he would like to bring back the Really Really Free Market event. It could be held at a different Hillside or West End park throughout the non-winter months. It could be combined with other activities such as music, potluck, art creation and speaking. Everyone thinks this is a great idea. An Occupier comments she believes there are a lot of people in the Hillside and West End who want to see the Really Really Free Market start up again but no one is willing to take the lead in making it happen.

A few of the Occupiers who are here tonight are some of those who have been out of town for many months. We give them an update on what we have been doing since they left. This update centers on our experiences at the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial. We had an interesting and fun time there and are looking forward to going back. After hearing our adventures, the returning Occupiers are excited too.

An Occupier says she thinks it would be a good idea to develop a broad plan as to what we would like to accomplish when performing various actions. Everyone has suggestions. One person wants to address the “food desert” issue in the Central Hillside. Another is interested in housing and homeless issues and still another is interested in addressing the unspoken but rather obvious plan of rich developers to turn the Central Hillside downtown area into a stereotypical tourist trap with a “yuppified” Central Hillside neighborhood. The homes of Central Hillside have views of the lake and some rich folks don’t think poor people deserve a good view. The plan seems to be to force current Hillside residents to move to West End. Someone reminds us that West End is now called Lincoln Park. We laugh because we know the name Lincoln Park was made up by Chamber of Commerce types years ago in hopes that this would encourage “a better class of people” to move there. So far it doesn’t seem to have worked very well. We’ll stick with West End. West End has its good points, also has a view of the lake once you get up the hill a bit, but the view is marred by large amounts of freeway, railroad tracks and coal piles. Besides, it already has enough poor people and doesn’t need all the feeding centers and homeless shelters moving in. The original speaker requests us to each show up to the next meeting with our own version of a one year plan of action and accomplishment.

People are getting tired and hungry. We quickly go over developments concerning the next film we will show. Nothing much has changed but people have a few more ideas for places to look. One of the returning Occupiers offers to help the Occupier tasked with finding a film.

Now it’s time to go home, eat something, get a little sleep and hopefully have beautiful dreams about the coming of Spring. Apparently, that’s where Spring resides…….. in our dreams.