G.A. Minutes 2-9-13

G.A. Minutes 2-9-13

We have another occasional Occupier joining us tonight. We haven’t seen him since the meetings at the CJM Memorial so decide to take some time to listen to what he’s been up to. He’s in touch with a lot of mainstream progressive groups and comments on their recent actions. We hear about Take Action MN, MN ASAP,the DFL and many others. One of our local Democratic state representatives may be retiring soon so the DFLers are looking for someone willing to run for the seat. Dennis Kuchinich has written a very progressive bill which several progressive federal legislators are attempting to push through the House. “I’m sure it will pass” an Occupier says sarcastically.

Another Occupier has recently been to a meeting of the UnFair Campaign. He states the UnFair people have decided not to continue their billboard postings. The conversation at this meeting centered on the ways in which the public school system is detrimental to students of color.

A discussion about racism in general develops. An Occupier says she is surprised to hear that Duluth has been found to be the most racist city in Minnesota. She says of course she sees plenty of racism in Duluth but has been to many places in Minnesota and has seen more blatant racism in these places. Another Occupier states he believes the most racist distinction is based on statistics such as the number of people of color in Duluth vs number of those people in high paying jobs, number graduating from high school or college, number incarcerated etc. Everyone agrees, racism is definitely an important problem that needs to be continuously addressed.

The occasional Occupier asks us what our plans for May Day are. As of now, we haven’t made any plans. We are few in number and would need to partner with others. The Occupier suggests contacting the people at Emerson Co-op and we think this may be a good idea.

We begin to discuss our next film showing at the Zinema. The Occupier tasked with getting this together reports she has acquired a copy of “How To Stop A Plague”. The occasional Occupier informs her “How To Stop A Plague” is currently being shown at the Zinema on the main bill. She laughs and says, ”Oh well.” She has a list of possible films and will begin hunting down another. She says she has gotten a lot of good feedback about “Milk”.

Several non-mainstream progressive groups are planning an action for later on in the week and we are excited to be a part of this action. We have been waiting for something like this for months. The details of the action won’t be made public until shortly before the event.

The forecast calls for a fairly large snow storm to descend on our area in a matter of hours. Everyone is anxious to make their last minute preparations and hunker down for the next day or so. All the Occupiers now have some type of lodging and some of the Occupiers are sharing their spaces with homeless friends. We know others who are still homeless. We don’t know where they are right now but we haven’t forgotten them. Providing travel is possible, we’ll be back next Tuesday.

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