G.A. Minutes 2-12-13

G.A. Minutes 2-12-13

There are only a few Occupiers present this evening. Everyone is busy with preparations for this weeks’ various events. We agree to make this meeting as short as possible.

An Occupier gives a report concerning progress made on finding a suitable LGBT centered movie for our next film showing. She has emailed a request to be allowed to show “Milk”. She thinks this would be the best choice as it may appeal to the widest audience. This film is the property of a large company so the chances they will allow us to show it without a large fee are pretty slim. There are four other films on the list. She has watched all the trailers and believes they are all quality works however, she thinks these films would interest a smaller group of people. She doesn’t feel qualified to make a decision so another Occupier offers to look at them and offer his opinion.

We do a quick review of the events of the next few days. Tomorrow there will be an important meeting of our offshoot housing advocate group. Immediately after this, many of us will go to dinner at one of the houses of a local homeless advocacy organization. On Thursday there are two evening events scheduled. One event will be the kickoff for what we hope will become a major action. Idle No More is also having a big feast to honor victims of sex trafficking. We intend to make both events. On Fridays most of us hold up antiwar signs at the corner of Lake Ave. and Superior St.

So with all the business attended to we head out. No time for soapboxing tonight. We’ll be back on Saturday

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