G.A. Minutes 2-5-13

G.A. Minutes 2-5-13

We’re at 3803 Grand Ave. again. We’ve had two successful events in the past week and we have two occasional Occupiers joining us this evening. Things are looking good.

The film screening of American Autumn went very well. The weather was terrible and several other events were happening at the same time as our movie. Still, people came and all were very impressed by the quality and content of this film. We held a discussion after the show; it was obvious everyone felt inspired. They left enough donations in the jar to double the funds in our treasury. That will help us to find the next film.

We would still like to hold a film screening of something with an LGBT theme. The occasional Occupiers have some suggestions we hadn’t thought about. Among these suggestions are Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Milk, Venus of Mars, The Main and a movie about a gay bullying incident in Ashland, WI. Everyone agrees, we really would like to show Act Up. However, we don’t have the $250 it would cost for permission to screen it. Someone suggests perhaps we could partner with another group and split the cost or we could try to contact the film maker for permission to waive the fee. The Occupier tasked with working on movies agrees to check into all these things.

An Occupier asks if we should plan an action for Earth Day. Another suggests a trash pickup event that could connect to a previous idea concerning a resolution to be put before the City Council. The previous idea concerned requiring fast food places to be responsible for the trash they create. This trash litters our neighborhoods. It’s also very easy to determine what place is responsible for what trash, as each establishment has their name written all over their garbage. An Occupier states a trash pickup on the scale we’re talking about would require help from a lot of other groups. One of the occasional Occupiers gives a list of many groups she feels might like to participate. The Occupier with the best writing skills offers to contact these groups and find out if they’re interested.

An Occupier who attended the last meeting of Duluth Community Action gives a report. He says the meeting was centered on our local education system. The Superintendent of Schools was there and received an ear full of complaints. The discussion concerned what works and what doesn’t work in adequately educating public school students. Among things that don’t work are out of school suspension, students of color not having role models of their same ethnicity and not having lessons that reflect the history of their ethnicity, large class size, poverty and an unstable home life. The things that do work are pretty much the opposite of things that don’t work.

People want to do something for Valentine’s Day but when realizing the day is only nine days away we decide we will attend another group’s event. Idle No More is planning something and possibly Project Save Our Homes. We’ll check into the details.

The last month of serious winter has begun and we’re looking forward to the energy of Spring. There’s so much to be done. It would be great if some more folks in search of a better world would join us. How about you?