G.A. Minutes 1-26-13

G.A. Minutes 1-26-13

We arrive to find two of the Occupiers jamming, one on banjo, the other on violin. Sounds good. We encourage them to continue but they’re ready to start the meeting. We’re all in good spirits as the weather is back to normal winter coldness, giving us a break from deadly way below zero temperatures.

Some of the Occupiers attended the Citizen’s In Action event today. They report they were able to make contact with a few people interested in hooking up with Occupy. They also report they found some of the information about organizing to be helpful. There is a short discussion re: Occupy’s unique position as an intermediary between progressive groups.

We go over last minute plans for our film showing on January 31st 7pm at the Zinema. An Occupier comments he has just seen a short film about Occupy Sandy. He thought it was very good and asks if it could be shown before “American Autumn”. The Occupier tasked with making the arrangements states she thinks it’s probably too short notice to do that. However, she will ask just to be sure. The conversation moves on to the movie we will show next. Everyone wants to do something for the LGBT community. One Occupier makes a mental note to make a copy of the locally made LGBT movie she thinks would be a good choice. Another Occupier has his heart set on showing” Act Up”. All agree we would love show it however, there is a $250 fee to do so. We have no idea where we would get the money. It is suggested we attempt to team up with some LGBT groups, perhaps they would be interested in helping to make the showing possible.

We also make the last minute plans for tabling at Bigfoot’s Winter Shakedown at Clyde Iron on February 2nd. The show will go from 1pm to 1am. We will need to work in shifts and probably stop once the party gets into full swing. Everyone agrees, trying to have a serious conversation with someone who’s been drinking, is a big waste of time. It is mentioned that a new flyer needs to be made and some Occupiers make plans to meet tomorrow to do that.

An Occupier states on the next day, Sunday February 3rd, Brother Ali will be playing at Clyde Iron. Brother Ali is active with Occupy Homes from the Twin Cities and he expects there will be Occupy Homes people present. We have been trying to hook up with those folks for some time so maybe some of us should go to the show.

Our last item of business pertains to Idle No More. An Occupier says INM has not finalized their plans for the International Day of Action. She is waiting for the information and will contact everyone upon receiving it. The action is on Monday, which is not long from tonight, but Flash Mobs are pretty much a spur of the moment thing so everything will probably be fine.

We are going to be busy this upcoming week. We’d better head out so as to get an early start. Back to touch base again on Tuesday.