G.A. Minutes 1-19-13

G.A. Minutes 1-19-13

Anybody forced to sleep outside tonight will surely die. The weather people are forecasting wind chills of -35 to -45 degrees for tonight and for the next several nights. It even feels a little chilly at 3803 Grand Ave, the place where we are meeting. All the homeless people we know personally have some type of shelter tonight. We know there are others who remain outside. Housing is a human right.

Some of the Occupiers attended an Idle No More meeting this afternoon. They report the next INM day of action will be January 28th. There will be 3 separate actions, one in Duluth and the other 2 in nearby towns. It is yet to be determined if all 3 actions will take place on January 28th or perhaps the Duluth action will happen on January 28th and the other actions on 2 other days later in the week. Of course, drumming and Round Dancing will be a part of all the actions. Other topics at the meeting were making of their own media, civil disobedience and how to deal with getting arrested.

The Occupiers then discuss their own perceptions of INM. We are all in agreement over the decision to support them. The majority of INM are aware the capitalist, imperialist system is at the root of all their grievances. Occupy is focused on this system and all actions related to various grievances are governed by this focus. INM’s main focus is on preservation of the earth and Native rights. Their actions highlight these themes and acknowledgement of the underlying foundation of the deadly economic and governing system is something discussed in writings and private conversations. Occupy has the advantage of being able to boldly name the enemy. INM has the advantages of community, a common land base and sovereignty. We look forward to combining our efforts.

An Occupier mentions the Citizen’s In Action event which will take place next Saturday. Some Occupiers plan to attend this. One Occupier states she thinks this event will be focused on the current two party system. She is very tired of the two party system and prefers to support alternatives. Everyone thinks INM will have another meeting next Saturday. Each Occupier will decide for themself where they will go.

A discussion touching on many topics then breaks out. Among the topics are: how the Canadian government functions, basic Ojibwe language, the “White man’s way” or the capitalist system which the white people were the first to be cursed with and our opinions about the origins of capitalism. The discussion is interesting and we talk for a long while. Eventually someone notices the time and we call it a night. Off we go to briefly freeze our “noogies” off (what is a “noogie”?) and then to our warm homes. Some are warm and some are not. It’s not right. We’re working on this. Back again on Tuesday.