G.A. Minutes 12-4-12

G.A. Minutes 12-4-12

It’s deja vue all over again at the skywalk tonight. Only two Occupiers arrive on time for the meeting. They’re older so have brought lawn chairs to sit in. They’re very careful not to block the walkways. They just sit and say hello to passersby, a local community organizer stops by to chat, a security person walks by, looks at them and shakes her head in disgust. A third Occupier arrives, sits down on the floor and the three begin to chat. A DPD officer walks by, smiles and says hello. The Occupiers return the hello but when he leaves, they comment on how strange they find it to see a member of the DPD in the skywalk. They wonder what is up.

A fourth Occupier arrives; time to start the meeting. It has hardly begun when four DPD officers come trotting across the walkway. They are each carrying a little book and they surround the Occupiers. One says, “It’s o.k. for you to be here but you can’t sit”. What? Another says, “You can sit on the floor but you can’t bring in chairs to sit on”. Huh? A third officer says, “It’s a city ordinance”. The Occupiers ask for the name of the ordinance, the officers all consult their little books and reply,”44A-4”. Several of the Occupiers begin to question the officers but one Occupier advises, “Let’s wait and find out the details so we know exactly what we’re talking about”. They start packing up their chairs, the police smile, happily wish them a good evening and walk off. The Occupiers stand around talking (out of orneriness), then split to an Occupiers house to look at city ordinances.

After passing out refreshments, it doesn’t take long to find that all the city ordinances in the 44s pertain to the skywalk. 44A-4 says one may not sit on the floor or balcony railing of the skywalk. They check all the 44 ordinances to see if there’s anything else but nothing is relevant. They believe police officers must have a college degree now days. That means they are probably able to read. Does that mean the officers deliberately gave false information? Why did the Occupiers meet in the same place all last winter, many sitting on the floor, and police never intervened? It’s possibly fruitless and certainly not worth the time to try to figure out the motivation.

So on Saturday they will have to bring a copy of the ordinance and chairs for those who need to sit. Things are getting “curioser and curioser” once more.

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