G.A. Minutes 12-1-12

G.A. Minutes 12-1-12

We’re back in the skywalk again. Everything’s pretty much the same except the people passing by are mostly teenagers. We are grown-ups so are invisible to them. It seems this is the spot for local high school students to meet up with their friends on weekends.

An Occupier has had his day in court. The D.A. recommended a six month deferred sentence. This means the Occupier must refrain from receiving another ticket for trespassing for six months. If he accomplishes this, the ticket will be dismissed. He had the option of refusing this offer and demanding a trial. Seeing as we have yet to find a suitable attorney and we have many other responsibilities, the Occupier decided going to trial was not the best use of his time.

We discuss what we should do about the property owner’s illegal eviction of our previous camp. We know we have a good case however, we are getting bored with legalities and there are many more interesting things going on. We have learned the property owner is just your basic slumlord with a history of abusing poor people. It’s decided we will file all the evidence we have and will wait for news of the next bullying incident. Perhaps we can help then.

Another Occupier tells us he has had contact with people from the IWW (Wobblies). They are interested in forming a chapter in Duluth. They are also interested in creating a Work People’s College. These things interest us and the Occupier promises to make connections for us. He reminds us that Occupy is a tactic, not an official organization. He hopes we are open to working with other likeminded people. We say, “Most certainly”.

Last night we all attended the meeting of a local, well known and respected social justice group. Everyone was excited to find when it comes to homeless issues; we are definitely on the same page. An Occupier agrees to call and arrange our next meeting.

We have another court case coming up on January 3rd. An additional Occupier received a trespassing ticket the day after our illegal eviction. The group pledges to support him.

Time has gone by rapidly. It’s later than we realized. Those of us with vehicles take the others to their homes. One Occupier gets dropped off at the CJM Memorial. He’ll check on our brothers and sisters of the street. They are never far from our thoughts.

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