G.A. Minutes 12-22-12

We’re still here. At the skywalk, but also on the planet. According to some, yesterday was supposed to be the end of the world. We weren’t too terribly worried as we had checked out what actual Mayan wise people had to say.

As we gather tonight, two Occupiers tell us they have just returned from an Idle No More flash mob. Idle No More was originally formed by Indian people from Canada. It was formed in response to a new law recently passed by the Canadian government. This law removes Native sovereignty from a very large area of land. The passage of this law will allow the Canadian government to open these lands for tar sands drilling, fracking and other life killing practices. As keepers of the land, Canadian Indians have chosen to fight against this.

Mr. Harper, the recently elected prime minister, appears to have a few things up his sleeve. The law was rammed through parliament Tea Party style. At no time were Native people consulted. Of course there is a media blackout about all this but the Native people of the U.S. and all over the world are joining the fight. Some non-native people are just now finding out.

This past week has seen Round Dance ceremonies taking place in public spaces all over Canada. A ceremony had been planned in Duluth for over a week. Today business owners posted on the planning website stating that Duluth Native people and their ceremony would not be welcomed at any time. Flash mob tactics were then employed at two separate locations. They were successful.

The two Occupiers attended the final ceremony as individuals. As they told the group about their experience, one homeless Occupier stated, “But what does this have to do with Occupy and homeless people?” Another Occupier said, “The condition of the earth is of huge importance to every human being on the planet. Our survival as a species is dependent upon it.” There are very few people at the meeting tonight so a temperature check on Occupy’s position as a group is not taken. Individuals will support Idle No More as they see fit. We think we should take the role of observers and if more help than that is needed, Native people will let us know.

The discussion has gone on for awhile, everyone is tired. An Occupier reports the Zinema has given the o.k. for our showing of American Autumn. We had originally planned the showing for January 3rd but realize this date is only eleven days away. We think January 24th could work but will now have contact them again to find out if that date is o.k. It seems this is taking longer than it should but we don’t expect to be able to talk with anyone until after Christmas.

The Occupier couple is having a bonfire party on Christmas Day. Most Occupiers are planning to attend. When Christmas is over, they’ll get back to business. After a lull in activity it looks like there will be plenty to do in the near future.

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