G.A. Minutes 12-29-12

G.A. Minutes 12-29-12

What a bunch of sad sacks we are tonight. Everyone is tired. We haven’t fully recovered from our holiday activities and we all agree to keep this meeting short.

We start out by expressing our displeasure with having to meet in the skywalk. Everybody agrees we would like a better place for our biweekly gathering but no one has an immediate idea of where that could be. The winter weather narrows our choices. We think it is important that we meet in a public place as this enables the general public to join in if they wish. There are some good coffee houses and such that are available but not all people can afford to buy a cup of coffee or whatever. Since we have been meeting in the skywalk we haven’t had any new people join us. A few folks we know from our former camp or the CJM Memorial have passed by and said hello but have declined to stay. The DPD has been leaving us alone for many weeks now but the skywalk is just not a comfortable place to hang out. It was probably designed to be that way. You know, keep those shoppers buying and moving on. One of our Occupiers is opening a part of his home to create a meeting space for political discussion and education. We contemplate asking him if he would allow us to publically announce his home as the Occupy meeting space. The home is a bit removed from the Central Hillside/Downtown area but still conveniently located on the bus line. This Occupier isn’t with us tonight so we will have to discuss things with him later.

We still don’t have permission from the Zinema to show American Autumn on January 24th. The Occupier who has been charged with getting this together has been sidetracked by other responsibilities so another Occupier offers to take on this task.

We’ve contacted our music promoter friend and told him we would be happy to have a table at his February 2nd music event. We discuss what we will need to do in order to make this happen.

We are just beginning a discussion about the Idle No More Movement when an Occupier reminds us that we’re all very tired and need to get some rest. Oh yeah, we did agree to that, didn’t we? We make plans to meet here again next Saturday, pack up, pile into our vehicles, drop the walking folks off and go home.