G.A. Minutes 12-15-12

G.A. Minutes 12-15-12

It’s just a few Occupiers tonight. In fact, since we’ve moved to the skywalk we haven’t had any non-Occupiers join us. The people walking past seem to be either afraid of us or completely absorbed with whatever they’re completely absorbed with. We need a dragon (a person who walks around outside the meeting circle and invites passersby to join in. Up to now, no one has been interested in playing that role.

It’s been raining all day and the weather people say it’s going to turn to sleet, everything will be iced over and travel will be dangerous. It’s still raining now. In Duluth you never know what’s going to happen next, that includes the weather.

We still haven’t received a response from the Zinema regarding our request to have a movie showing on January 3rd. We’ve looked at several movies and settled on one called American Autumn. It’s an Occupy movie that we should be able to show without having to pay a fee to anyone. Things are taking so long because we couldn’t show the other screenplays we looked at. These films were good but we couldn’t afford the payments required by the film makers. We realize January 3rd is coming up real soon so think we should try to push the showing back by a few weeks. We will need time to do publicity.

We talk a bit about the upcoming MN ASAP resolution to be put before the City Council on Monday, December 17th. We all plan to be there.

One of our Occupiers is having a house party tonight. He lives on the other side of town and we would all like to attend. Because the weather is so “iffy”, we decide to close the meeting early and head out to the party. Fomenting revolution requires a break from work and the chance to socialize from time to time.