G.A. Minutes 11-17-12

G.A. Minutes 11-17-12

Everything is really quiet tonight. The weather is exceptionally warm for this time of year and there’s no one in sight. The Memorial is devoid of people except for the 3 Occupiers who are setting up the usual snacks and chairs. We’ll have a small fire tonight as warmth is not an issue. The sidewalks are empty except for some skaters goofing around outside the Encounter Center. There are almost no cars on the street. We wonder what is up? A few more Occupiers arrive, followed by a reporter from a local alternative newspaper.

We don’t know this reporter, but we appreciate that he is asking very intelligent questions. We tell him about our confrontations with the DPD over the last month and explain that since the formation of Occupy Duluth over a year ago, wherever we go, the DPD follows and tries to run us off. He asks a few questions about the beginning of Occupy. We explain that Occupy was originally very popular because it pointed out very true facts about the way most people are forced to live. The majority of Americans were unhappy and knew something was very wrong. It took Occupy to explain exactly what the problem was. We tell him that Occupy then became sort of a fad for a while, when it was no longer fashionable many people became disappointed and turned away. The Occupy Movement now consists of those who are truly committed. There was also a concerted effort on the part of the 1% to discredit Occupy. The 1% control most of the media so used this main stream media to bombard regular people with mostly false stories of deliberate violence inflicted by Occupiers. The reality is that violence was and still is being inflicted on Occupiers. The media then began to say that Occupy was dead. They’re still saying Occupy is dead. Occupy is not and never was dead. Occupy is worldwide. One simply has to go outside main stream media sources to see how incredibly active Occupy is. It appears that Occupy movements outside the U.S. are in the forefront. One will not find any of these facts being reported by the major media outlets.

Our friend, the city official and community leader, stops by. He makes a donation to the snack table, chats with the reporter and we take a few minutes to partake in “mutual admiration”. Our friend informs us the DPD has installed a surveillance camera and focused it on the Memorial. This doesn’t particularly bother us but the neighborhood street folks won’t be pleased. The community leader goes on to his next stop. The reporter thanks us and leaves.

A few hours have passed. Our visitors consist of the regular woman from Mississippi and a young man we met at our last meeting. As far as we can tell, there are no other people around. Maybe everyone is down at the lake, seeing as most of the tourists have gone and the lake belongs to the people again. Some of the street “business people” are beginning to come out. They’re working away from the Memorial tonight. Maybe they already know about the camera. We exchange a few pleasantries with these workers, pack up and leave. When we come back on Tuesday, maybe folks will tell us where the party was.

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