A climate change?

Maybe it was the hurricane. Anyway tonight the police did not stop to make us douse our fire.

But the real victory tonight was that we got into serious conversation with some neighborhood folk, who came to challenge us for disrespecting the monument, but left saying we were all right. I think they came to accept that we are looking for ways to effect real change, not just for us but for everyone. We might have some fun while we are here, but we are not here to have fun. We are reaching out to the community, we are serious, persistant, dedicated. We need you. We are still here. We are not going away.

Elias Clayton, Elmer Jackson, and Isaac McGhie were circus workers, strangers in town. I believe they must have known the good company of a warming fire and a cup of coffee at some time in their short lives. I hope so. Everyone deserves to have the right to whatever warmth is available on a cold night. I hope their spirits know we mean no harm. I hope they look on us with sympathy and kindness, even though they themselves found none of that in our Duluth. Thank you, Mabel, Tracy, Barry, Tom, Carl, and the other folks who have stopped to talk to us. We want to learn from you. Tonight, I believe we may have made a start on that.