G.A. Minutes 10-6-12

G.A. Minutes 10-6-12
Just a few people tonight, 4 Occupiers and 1 regular camper. It’s quite chilly at the Civic Center. We have a portable fire pit and a working fire extinguisher. We get a fire going. Ahhhh….. much warmer now.
We talk about the legal stuff re: eviction of our camp. The Occupier charged with doing investigation says the attorney she talked with wanted to know how much money Occupy wants in damages. We all agree, we don’t want money, we want acknowledgement that the eviction of our camp was wrong. We were not given the proper legal process. The wealthy property owner seems to think that homeless people have no rights. We need to teach him that his wealth does not give him immunity from considering the needs of the less fortunate. The Occupier has an appointment next week with another attorney. She will keep investigating.
We then discuss an idea for a proposed action. We agree it is a good idea but we will need to involve several other groups for maximum effect. Sounds like a plan.
As Occupy is currently homeless we don’t see each other as often as we’d like so we begin conversing about life in general. There’s good coffee and snacks, we’re enjoying each other’s company but wait a minute……. what’s that? A DPD is circling the Civic Center. Once, twice, he stops after the third time and comes walking up to us. “You can’t have a fire on public property” he says. One Occupier demands to be given the exact ordinance number that states this supposed fact. The officer says, in a hostile tone, “I can’t give you that but I can call fire marshal and he can give you all a citation.” We all “vibe” the aggressive Occupier into chilling out. We need to pick our battles. Now is not the time. We start pouring water on the fire and a supervising officer pulls up next to the first cop. The fire was burning nicely, so putting it out will take awhile. Both officers walk up to us and the second guy says,” You can’t have a fire in a public space without the express written consent of the fire marshal”. We know from past experience that you never can find a fire marshal when you need one but maybe we’ll try. Something to put on our things to do list. Now it’s cold and there’s lots of smoke. The officers leave but we still take our time, just out of orneriness, I guess. We agree to hold the next G.A. at the Jackson-Mcghee Memorial. We’ll make a fire there and see what happens.

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