G.A. Minutes 10-16-12

G.A. Minutes 10-16-12
A lot of Occupiers present tonight. Snacks are set out on the folding table, the fire’s going. Of course, we’re at the Memorial. An Occupier shows the letter she has written, to be sent to the property manager re: getting our stuff out of the Ballroom. Everybody approves. She’ll send it out tomorrow.

The second free storage place has been checked out and found suitable for storing our big stuff. We agree to organize ourselves and our trucks to get together for a day of hauling. We will wait for the property manager’s response. The whole thing will probably be a big pain in the neck.

The UMD Occupier is having trouble getting the system to function properly and give us a room for the Oct. 22nd Democracy Now presidential debate. Another Occupier remembers we have a friend in upper management at UMD. We’ll contact her and see if she can help. Oct.22nd is coming up soon.

An occasional Occupier reminds us that tomorrow is the 1st anniversary of the start of Occupy Duluth. He asks if we would like to have some type of remembrance at the Civic Center. We begin to discuss this but are interrupted by the appearance of a squad car.

The car parks and out pops a member of the DPD. He walks up, tells us he is our friend and just wants to hang out. Bye the way, would we mind showing him our I.Ds? Just so he can know who it is he is talking to. We say, “No thanks. We’ll pass on that.” He walks back to his car, comes back and says that we can’t have a fire as the Memorial is a city park and no fires are allowed in city parks. We say, “We don’t believe you.” He says he’s going to have to call somebody but doesn’t know what to say as we won’t show him our I.D.s. We say, “Tell them we’re Occupy. They know who we are.”

He goes to his car and another squad pulls up behind him. A female officer gets out and both cops come back. The second officer tells us the same thing the first cop did. An Occupier says, “Cops lie all the time, why should we believe you?” Then somebody mentions our illegal eviction from the camp. It’s hard to tell what was said as everyone was talking at once. The female cop was just as animated as the Occupiers. The other cop was just standing there looking friendly. Too bad the cops are not on our side (yet).

Somebody mentions our good friend who is a city official and one of the founders of the Memorial. The cops say if we can get an o.k. from our friend they’ll take his word and leave us alone. We call our friend and he says, “I’m on my way down.” The cops go back to their cars to wait and the Sargent cop pulls up and parks behind them. The street is getting really crowded with cop cars.

During all this, a woman from the street, who is obviously quite drunk, is running around and talking to herself. The cops pay no attention to her. We don’t know her but make room for her at the fire. An Occupier leaves to run down to the casino and use the bathroom. Other Occupiers say stuff like, “I have lots of stuff to do and had planned to be gone by now. I can’t leave. I’ll have to wait until this is settled.”

Our friend arrives and he and the cops talk for what seems like forever. The Sargent says in a loud voice, “They can stay and keep the fire for tonight but they have to be gone by 10pm.” Our friend comes over and talks with us. He says he is going to some type of city meeting with them tomorrow and will call us and tell us the outcome. We thank him and he goes off to his next stop. He is the closest thing we have to a hero. Two cops leave and one stays sitting in his car. It’s 8:30 pm and we put out the fire and pack up to leave. It would be nice to stay and enjoy the warmth but we’re exhausted by all the drama. We leave, wondering why things have to be so stupid. Maybe the cops are wondering that too.