G.A. Minutes 9-8-12

G.A. Minutes 9-8-12

There are a lot of people again tonight, both Occupiers and people from the alley. We have everybody introduce themselves as there are many people we haven’t met before. The alley people tell their stories, most of the stories are very sad, some are downright tragic.

We have only two things on the agenda tonight, so it’s down to business. We go over our plans for Sept. 17th. Some things have been done already, mostly the planning stage is over and now it’s time to for implementation.

On to discussion of the camp situation. It turns out that the owner of the camp property is in agreement with his property manager and wants us to leave; he stated this in a phone call with one of our Occupiers a few days ago. We find it all very strange as in our meeting with him a few weeks ago he said everything was fine. Another of our Occupiers has been researching landlord/tenant law and states that we have quite a few rights in relation to this situation. During the phone call, the owner expressed his desire to abide by the tenant laws, this means that we won’t be leaving by September 14th as demanded by the property manager. We have no wish to fight with the owner as we appreciate him allowing us to use his space for almost a year. However, his request that we tear down the camp is very sudden, not based on any logical reason and we have many homeless people at camp. They have nowhere to go. All are on some type of social service waiting list. The social services are completely overwhelmed by the large amount of homeless people in our city. As far as we can tell, the City is doing nothing to remedy the problem. We are getting the usual response from the general public of “not in my backyard” and “just make them go somewhere out of my sight”. We will attempt to negotiate further with the owner and will contact some of our Occupy friendly attorneys for advice. We especially need the owner’s property manager to leave us alone. To be continued…..

The meeting is over, most of the non-camping alley people have left. The night is rather chilly and some of the campers say they have trouble sleeping as they are cold. It’s time to start looking for winter coats and more blankets and good sleeping bags. We have enough money to pay the port-a-potty bill, but not much left over. The need in this city is huge, as usual donations would be greatly appreciated.

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