G.A. Minutes 9-4-12

G.A. Minutes 9-4-12

We have a rather large group tonight. Some of our Occupiers have returned from their summer jobs. We are glad to have them back.

Earlier in the day campers received some type of flyer from the property manager. It stated everyone and everything must be removed from the camp by Sept. 14th. We are unclear what this is all about and will contact the owner. Here we go again.

Discussion continues re: the Sept. 17th event. Occupy Monsanto will be joining us at 4pm.

The compost pile needs to be moved as we no longer have access to the parking lot area. We note that many campers to not understand how to recycle or compost. We explain this process to those who are asking.

A plan is made for laundering camp blankets and such. An Occupier offers to give us access to a place where laundry can be done for free. This will help as we are always short of funds.

The meeting ends and as usual, folks break into small groups and interesting conversation. The evening is cool again. Most people say they prefer it this way.

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