G.A. Minutes 9-15-12

G.A. Minutes 9-15-12

Very few people tonight, mostly Occupiers and two regular campers. September 14th has come and gone. In the early afternoon, the property manager showed up with the owner, two cops and a few other men who didn’t say who they were. The owner said you don’t have to leave today but I want you to leave by Oct. 1st. This is contrary to what he had said in our previous conversations. The property manager and the cops say, “ Yeah, and if you don’t leave you will all be arrested for trespassing.”

With this knowledge in mind and because we are few, we have an informal chat about what the heck is going on. We note that at no time did any of the official people say anything about our legal rights or about the landlord/tenant rights in Minnesota. The handbook is lengthy but easy to read. Surely they must know the laws. The property manager has said, “This is not a residence. You have no rights”. We doubt this is true. An Occupier offers to take the handbook to one of our attorneys. He offers to explore other legal avenues.

The most important thing right now is September 17th. We go over our plans one last time.

The alley campers and alley people have been disgruntled over the last couple of days. There’s a rumor going around that the Occupiers are about to become another arm of the police force. When one is sleep deprived with nowhere to live, paranoia runs deep. We have been posting a “guard” at the gate each night to prevent drug and alcohol crazed alley people from invading the camp while campers are sleeping. Occupiers are tired. Non-camping Occupiers go home while the campers go to bed or take the first shift at the gate.

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