G.A. Minutes 9-1-12

G.A. Minutes 9-1-12

It looks like our meeting will consist of mostly camper people from the alley tonight.

One man has a personal friend who happens to be a Duluth police officer. He has known this friend since childhood and thinks he’s a great guy. He wants to invite him down to camp (minus his police uniform) to visit and hang out. An Occupier and an alley camper are visibly upset by this. “No way,” they say, “we should never willingly allow any cop in our camp!” These people have had many experiences with police lying and brutalizing them. While they know that there are individual officers who are decent human beings, once a cop, always a cop is the motto they live by. Seeing as Occupy does not operate by majority rule and several people are adamantly opposed to the invite the police idea the subject is tabled. It won’t be brought up again unless these people change their mind or stop coming to meetings.

We make more plans re: Sept. 17th. We have decided not to give details about our plans in the meeting minutes as they are open to anybody. If you want to know more, come to a meeting, ask around. You might get an email about it.

We talk about ways to improve tarp coverings in the camp. We think we don’t want to put too much energy into it as when winter comes, all the tarps will have to come down.

A camper has given us a donation from her meager pay. This is wonderful as now we can pay the port-a-potty bill for the month. Another camper makes a donation from his equally small income. We’ll put that aside for next months’ bill. We are always in need of donations.

The business is over and the meeting breaks up. People move into groups to relax and talk. The night is a little cooler than it has been so we put on light jackets and things are very pleasant.

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