G.A. Minutes 9-18-12

G.A. Minutes 9-18-12

Standing room only again tonight. A little chilly so we get a good fire going in the fire pit.

First we do announcements. There will be an anti-Cravaak rally Thursday, September 27th at 4:30 pm in front of the Federal Building. All are encouraged to attend. Our friend, the homeless advocate, needs volunteers in October to administer the Wilder homeless survey. This survey will determine the amount of government funding for the homeless that the city receives. Sadly, she states, most of the funding goes to the large wealthy charities with boots on the ground operations like hers’ receiving very little. She requests that we help her out as she desperately needs the few crumbs they toss her way.

The September 17th Anniversary of OWS rally went very well. It was well attended; lots of good conversation, hungry people were fed. The DPD never showed up. They drove by every once in a while but left us alone. We were amazed by the amount of support we received from passersby and those driving by. The corporate media has spent the last year trying to convince the people that Occupy is dead. Across the country we said, guess what? Not true!

Then a discussion of our camp situation. Our port-a-potty has been stolen. At approximately 4 am on the morning of September 17th a camper heard some noise coming from the potty area and assumed the cleaning guy was emptying it as per usual. When campers awoke a few hours later they found the port-a-potty was gone. We filed a police report and the officer in charge was able to discover that the property manager had ordered the potty company to remove it. Upon contacting the company we were told the property manager had been harassing them for over a month. They became afraid and took it away. This is in spite of the fact that Occupy Duluth had been paying for it since last January. The campers now have nowhere to go to the bathroom. The property manager is in serious violation of MN landlord/tenant law. We doubt that she cares. She has been illegally harassing the camp since she was hired about 1 ½ months ago. Time to step up the legal action. October 1st is coming up soon. Everyone takes on tasks. It’s hard to imagine a person willing to deprive the poorest of the poor of the basic human needs. The again, it’s not so hard to imagine. It happens every day.

We open a discussion about what we will do when winter comes. We need to have an indoor place. Again, people take on tasks.

The fire is dying, it gets darker earlier these days. Folks wander off to their tents, their homes, the alley people to their secret cold places. Each of us with our thoughts, questioning man’s inhumanity to man.