G.A. Minutes 8-7-12

G.A. Minutes 8-7-12

This G.A. happened about 3:30pm in the afternoon because the owner of the camp property wanted to be there. Many people attended and the mtg. was quite lengthy. It was also very positive. It turned out the owner had no idea his newly hired property manager was attempting to evict us. He did not support any eviction but had been hearing plenty of false rumors about what was going on at camp. Just one look around the site showed him that he had not been told the truth. Being a very busy person he doesn’t get a chance to visit often and had placed his trust in the Occupiers, expecting us to use the site to further Occupy ideas, experiment with food growing methods and try to bring some aid and comfort to a troubled neighborhood. Surprise! Surprise! That’s exactly what we are trying to do.

We discussed all of our dreams for what a better world could be like. We discussed lots of things and the general conclusion was the only people who know what’s going on at the camp are the people that come there. Our camp is physically sheltered from public view so if a person has nothing better to do they could easily come up with all sorts of negative ideas about what’s going on there. In actuality, the biggest benefit the camp has to offer is peace and quiet.

In the past we have not been helped by the local media. Whenever we spoke with them they distorted our words, edited footage to portray us unfavorably and sometimes told outright lies. We’ve been staying as far away from the media and city watchdogs as possible. We need to make better use of the Reader Weekly as they have always treated us fairly.

We would like to say, that as of now, things are pretty good. However, we all carry a heavy burden right now. We have recently received word that our rapper camper who was to return to us in two weeks was murdered in his hometown. He had only been back there for 2 days. He was only 22 years old. We hope he had time to spend with his children. He loved them deeply. We are shocked and numb. We are angry and our hearts are broken. He stayed with us for only a month but brought us laughter, joy and insight. We loved him. We will always love him.

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